They’re back! Family Synod Manipulators Baldisseri and Schönborn  will return for the next Phony Synod

They’re back! Family Synod Manipulators Baldisseri and Schönborn 
will return for the next Phony Synod

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 28, 2018

Synod Manipulators Baldisseri and Schönborn 

As we learn the hardly surprising news that the manipulators of Phony Synod III, on “Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment,” censored Facebook submissions from young people who long for reverence in the liturgy — which view was systematically excluded from the pre-Synodal document — we also learn that the same cast of characters that rigged Synods I and II will be rigging this one as well.  The controllers will include Cardinals Lorenzo (“The Book Thief”) Baldisseri and Christoph (“Balloon Mass”) Schönborn, whom Pope Francis has held out as the definitive interpreter of his disastrous Amoris Laetitia.

Baldisseri, as he was at Phony Synods I and II, will be the secretary-general of Phony Synod III, which means he will be running the show along with Francis.  He may even have to order the confiscation of dangerously orthodox materials as he did during Phony Synod II in October of 2015.

Even the decidedly mainstream First Things has had enough of the synodal charade.  In this case, as it correctly discerns, the Synod on “Youth” will really be a Synod on what a bunch of old men bent on ecclesial subversion will pretend to attribute to the urgent needs of the young — a point I made in August of last year.   As the author, editor Matthew Schmitz, aptly observes concerning the manipulated pre-synodal document (which I discuss here):

“The document is supposed to have been written by young Catholics for the benefit of bishops, but it eerily repeats what certain bishops have long been saying. For instance, the ‘youths’ declare: “Sometimes, in the Church, it is hard to overcome the logic of ‘it has always been done this way.’ But at the opening of the meeting, Francis had said the same thing: ‘You provoke us to break free of the logic of “it has always been done this way.’” This is not a dialogue; it is an echo.”

An echo indeed.  An echo of what the Synod controllers have already determined will be the outcome.  Schmitz’s devastating analysis of the pre-synodal document reveals another fraud upon the Church in progress:

  • “Pope Francis said he hoped the event would lead to “a church with a young face.” But the result is a botched plastic surgery, a grotesquerie of old ideas stretched and reshaped to mimic youth.
  • “The document manifests an aversion to whatever is sacred, holy, divine. It laments that ‘sometimes we feel that the sacred appears to be something separated from our daily lives.’ But that is precisely the meaning of the word ‘sacred’ — that which is set apart.
  • “Sanctity is slyly disparaged. ‘Sadly, not all of us believe sainthood is something achievable and that it is a path to happiness,’ the authors say — and they seem to include themselves among the doubters.
  • “Priesthood and religious life are also deflated. ‘While these are sacred calls that should be celebrated,’ the document wants us to realize the importance of other vocations, including ‘lay ministry,’ ‘marriage and family,’ and something called ‘role in society.’
  • “Christian morality is likewise called into question. The document asks the Church to open a discussion of homosexuality and gender, ‘which young people are already freely discussing without taboo.’ [As if God’s law were some sort of pagan superstition!]
  • “The authors note that ‘there is often great disagreement among young people’ about contraception, abortion, homosexuality, cohabitation, marriage, and the priesthood. In consequence, ‘they may want the Church to change her teaching.’
  • “The document even manifests a strange prejudice against the consecrated space of the sanctuary. Its authors declare: ‘Above all, the place in which we wish to be met by the Church is the streets.’ …. At points, the document’s attitude toward sacred ground seems almost hostile (‘people are the Church, not the building’) — like those poor demon-possessed characters who cannot pass through church doors.”

Schmitz’s conclusion pulls no punches:

“All this amounts to a kind of functional Arianism, a stress on the Church’s human dimension at the expense of the divine…. This document does not speak for young Catholics. It fails to represent either the Catholic faith or the young people who profess it. It conjures and condemns a Church that is too institutional, too hierarchical, too focused on the sacred at the expense of the world. This image of the Church is a holdover from the 1950s, when the men who now lead the Church were young rebels. This document is an obvious counterfeit, an old man’s idea of what the young must want.

What they actually want, and what the Synod controllers will labor to hide and suppress at every return, is the authentic Catholic faith and the traditional liturgywith its vertical, otherworldly orientation to Christ and His Sacrifice of infinite worth, not the people in their chattering busyness.  In short, a Church that is indeed in the world but not of it.

Emblematic of this youthful yearning for Tradition, Schmitz notes, is a promotional photo for the upcoming Synod which featured a young priest in a cassock.  We can’t have that! So, three of the dioceses using this photo doctored it to hide “his cassock buttons, representing the years of Christ’s life, [which] were airbrushed away,” while the lower half of the cassock is digitally replaced by what appears to be an image of blue jeans.  With a little manipulation, the authorities produced an image of youth acceptable to the old.”  Doctoring photos, as we have just seen with Lettergate, is part of the toolbox of the aged revolutionaries who couldn’t care less about what young people really want, unless the young people in question, like them, lack respect for the teaching of the Church wherever it fails to meet with their approval, primarily in the area of the Sixth Commandment.

So, we already know what to expect from the Synod on “Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment.”  The Orwellian outcome will be the thinking of old men who will contrive to undermine the Faith, just as they did at the first two Synods, while continuing the ecclesial auto-demolition that has dried up vocations everywhere but in the few remaining traditional orders and societies they have not managed to destroy.  It will be the Synod of Old Men, Faithlessness and Vocational Discouragement.

May the good God soon deliver the Church from the clutches of these old men, whose treacly grins hide the intentions of “false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matt. 7:15)

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