“Conservative” Cardinal Müller Makes Ultra-liberal Cardinal Lehmann a Saint

[Does His Eminence believe as FrankenPope apparently does that there is no Hell and that the souls of the damned are not punished eternally but instantly annihilated? – AQ moderator Tom]

en.news – 4/3/18

On Easter Monday, Cardinal Gerhard Müller “presided” in Rome over a Eucharist “in memory” of the late German Cardinal Karl Lehmann.

Holy Mass is not in memory of late cardinals but in memory of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection.

Lehmann has been for decades a destructive presence in the German Church and in the Church as a whole. John Paul II profoundly tarnished his legacy when he made Lehmann a cardinal instead of excommunicating him.

Müller, who was Lehmann’s student, said in his homily that he is “certain that Lehmann is blessing us from heaven with the greeting of Saint Paul”. Müller concluded his homily with “Good-bye in heaven“.

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