Ordination of Women An Open Question For Vienna Cardinal


Ordination of Women An Open Question For Vienna Cardinal

[Is His Eminence imitating Luther’s tactic of appealing from an infallible papal decree (JP2’s Ordinatio Sacerdotalis) to a general council? – AQ moderator Tom] 
en.news – 4/1/18

The [settled] question of ordaining women to “deacons, priests and bishops” can only be decided by a council, believes Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

Talking to several Austrian newspapers (March 31), Schönborn said that a pope cannot decide an ordination of women “alone” although a council has no power either to introduce such a thing because it contradicts the Faith.

According to Catholic teaching women cannot receive the sacrament of holy orders – as animals cannot be baptised and chocolate cannot be consecrated.

About priestly celibacy Schönborn said that there is “potential for change”.

According to Schönborn, Pope Francis wants the issue to be discussed at the Amazonian synod in 2019.

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One comment on “Ordination of Women An Open Question For Vienna Cardinal

  1. New Paradigm Tactic #4: Conveve yet another heretically intent Mob summit to encourage vocalization of yet more odious heretical jibberjabber, sprinkle the pixie dust of aggiornamento in the name of an “ain’t saint” conciliarist pope or two on the proceeding, run it through the deluxe-model Motel 6 vegomatic press disgronificator and selectively distribute to commie-symp press hacks to serve up in the media. (Once it’s “out there” in the press it takes on the patina of “Vatican insider” or “leading cardinal says…” status, amping up public pressure to further Lutheranize any and all remaining Catholic teaching.)
    This upcoming Rumble in the Jungle should be a doozy. Let’s hope the site for this menagerie is accessible only by boat over pirrhana-infested tributaries and all vessels suddenly develop leaks on their way to the big grass hut they plan to use for the conference. 😎

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