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Why can’t the Church stop harping on purity?!

Why can’t the Church stop harping on purity?!

By Dr. Jeff Mirus  | Apr 27, 2018

In the wake of yesterday’s conviction of comedian Bill Cosby for sexual assault, we might well revisit what many regard as the obnoxious Catholic emphasis on purity. While we hear less about it in a secularized Church, everybody knows the traditional emphasis is always just beneath the surface. This is so obvious to outsiders that the Church has often been accused of not really caring about any other kind of sin. That’s not true, of course. But the barest whiff of Catholic emphasis on sins of the flesh is enough to send the world into paroxysms of denunciation. read more

The compleat respectable Catholic journalist

The compleat respectable Catholic journalist

By Phil Lawler  | Apr 30, 2018

So you want to be a respected Catholic journalist? You want to be invited to all the right conferences and symposia? Beginning tomorrow, try these simple steps.

  • Wake up, shower, have a good cup of coffee, and jump on Twitter.
  • Begin the day by denouncing any criticism of Pope Francis. (You’ll want these tweets posted early in the morning, East Coast time-right about when Vatican officials break for lunch.)
  • Next, denounce anyone who has dared to disagree with your analyses of Vatican statements.
  • Don’t just disagree; impugn the integrity of your adversaries. Question their motivations.
  • Accuse them of calumny, blasphemy, and schism.
  • Demand retractions. Threaten lawsuits.
  • Then, to close out a busy day, deliver a magisterial lecture on how Catholic commentators must learn to disagree politely.

[AQ Tom: To which can be added Hilary White’s “two cents” from What’s up with Francischurch?]

It would be easy to quit. It would be easy to get a job writing for a [or “the”?] Catholic news service, doing nice easy non-controversial stories about the pope visiting various countries and handing out gelato to the homeless. (I’d probably have to spend the rest of my life writing under a pseudonym…) read more

The New York Times on this papacy: confused yet revealing

The New York Times on this papacy: confused yet revealing

By Phil Lawler | Apr 30, 2018

An April 28 report in the New York Times, entitled Pope Francis in the Wilderness, presents what seems at first a puzzling perspective on the papacy, but actually reveals a great deal about how the secular media see the Catholic Church.

Right from the start of his pontificate, Pope Francis became a “global force in geopolitics,” writes reporter Jason Horowitz. But recently the Pope’s power has ebbed, he suggests:

Today, Francis is increasingly embattled. The political climate has shifted abruptly around the world, empowering populists and nationalists who oppose much of what he stands for. read more

Some Nicaraguan bishops openly back anti-Ortega protests

Some Nicaraguan bishops openly back anti-Ortega protests

[Some bishops still under the influence of liberation theology support the Commie dictator! – AQ Tom]

Inés San Martín Apr 30, 2018

Related image
Thousands of people congregate outside Managua’s Cathedral during a massive march called by the Catholic Church as a day of prayer, in Managua, Nicaragua, Saturday, April 28, 2018. After the largest protests Nicaragua has seen in at least 40 years, the government of President Daniel Ortega has been left weakened but still in control of all the levers of government and has a monopoly on the use of force.

ROME – While there’s always a debate in Catholicism about how much priests should get involved in politics, lately some Nicaraguan bishops have opted to throw caution to the wind, bluntly urging people to take to the streets in response to perceived repression under President Daniel Ortega. read more

Cardinal Nichols says Alfie Evans case ‘used for political aims’

Cardinal Nichols says Alfie Evans case ‘used for political aims’

[Another BritChurch bishop suffering from hoof-in-mouth disease – in this case, the Cardinal Primate, who seems to have a bad case, because this is not the first occasion of its manifestation! – AQ Tom] by Nick Hallett – posted Monday, 30 Apr 2018

The cardinal’s words came amid growing criticism of the English Church’s handling of the case

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has defended Alder Hey hospital’s role in the Alfie Evans case.

During a visit to Poland on Sunday, the cardinal reportedly criticisedpeople who “sought political capital” from the case, and said some who took a stand on the case “didn’t serve the good of the child”.

“It’s important to remember Alder Hey Hospital cared for Alfie not for two weeks or two months, but for 18 months, consulting with the world’s top specialists – so its doctors’ position that no further medical help could be given was very important,” he said, according to The Tablet. read more

Old Mass Attracts Young Families “Very Much” – Cardinal Burke

Old Mass Attracts Young Families “Very Much” – Cardinal Burke – 4/30/18

The Old Mass could contribute to the Church’s spiritual renewal “very much”, according to Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Answering to questions after his talk in Bratislava, Slovakia, on April 27, Burke explained that the Old Latin Mass was celebrated over a time span of fourteen centuries and has a “tremendous beauty”.

Burke was not afraid to admit that the alleged “reform of the liturgy” after Second Vatican Council ended “in all kind of abuses”.

After that, Catholics stopped attending Mass because the outcome of the “reform” was “not holy and did not attract”. read more

Cardinal Marx, Karl Marx Necessary For Catholic Social Teaching

Cardinal Marx, Karl Marx Necessary For Catholic Social Teaching – 4/30/17

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx was “impressed” by Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto, at least for its “great language”.

Talking to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (April 29), Cardinal Reinhard Marx claimed that the analyses of Marx contributed “decisively” to the emergence of the Catholic social teaching.

However, Karl Marx was a prominent representative of communism. The Catholic social teaching was written in contrast to Communism.

Karl Marx wanted to end religion, family and property. He was the first Western [non-]thinker who used the term “holocaust” to call for a genocide of people. Marx wanted to extinguish among other Slawik people the Polish. read more

German Liberalism is a Cancer in the Church

German Liberalism is a Cancer in the Church