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On Facts and Truths

On Facts and Truths


James V. Schall, S.J: Christ, the Word in the Trinity, made two great statements about truth: 1) “The truth shall make you free;” 2) “I am the truth.”

The December 30, 1996 Ripley’s Believe It or Not contained the following item: “The SkyDome in Toronto uses over ten miles of zippers to fasten its artificial turf.” Off hand, I cannot imagine anyone asking someone else: “By the way, George, how many miles of zippers are in the stadium in Toronto?” But, of course, if I were the manufacturer of zippers or of artificial turf, the information would not be so irrelevant. read more

Cubans, US exiles connect to help rebuild Cuba’s Catholic Church 

Cubans, US exiles connect to help rebuild Cuba’s Catholic Church  [About 60 % of the population is Catholic, according to the Vatican – or 40-45% at least “nominally” Catholic, according to the State Dept. – AQ Tom] Catholic World News – 4/24/18 Since the 1980s, the percentage of Cubans regularly attending Mass in the Communist nation has risen from 2% to 10%, according to the report. “There’s been a revitalization of the Church,” said Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami. “The Church has made progress — it’s small steps. It’s not what it used to be, and it’s not what it should be.”

Alfie breathes

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Alfie has been sustaining his own life since 9:17…” —Tom Evans, 21, father of 23-month-old Alfie Evans, yesterday evening in Liverpool, England, after British doctors removed Alfie from his breathing tube at 9:17 p.m. — 12 hours ago as of this writing…

The removal was decided after British authorities were informed by Italian government authorities that Alfie had unexpectedly been granted Italian citizenship.

A UK judge ruled during a conference call earlier in the evening that this fact would not change a previous court decision that the hospital could remove the baby’s life support in the conviction that it was in Alfie’s “best interest.”

The call happened between the family’s legal team, Justice Hayden, the Italian ambassador to England, and hospital administration.

Reportedly, everyone involved — the hospital authorities, the legal authorities, and even the child’s parents — expected that, without the breathing tube, Alfie would stop breathing on his own within minutes, and so would die.

But Alfie did not stop breathing…

Doctors have been left “gobsmacked” (astonished) by the fact that Alfie continued to live after his life-support was withdrawn, Tom Evans said.

Here is a photo of Alfie this morning in his mother’s arms…


6 hours of breathing on his own so far, what a fighter! I’m sure this is much longer than his executioners thought possible… His parents must be so proud. Please Lord, help him through this night.” —Comment by a reader in the comment section of a article during the night, about six hours ago as of this writing

“The Court based their decision [to cease all treatment]at least in part on the fact that he was incapable of breathing without sophisticated medical intervention. That fact has now been proven wrong…” ——Comment by a reader in the comment section of a article during the night


Alfie Still Alive… Though His Breathing Tube Has Been Removed

Little Alfie Evans is still alive as of this writing, more than 12 hours after being removed from a breathing tube last night at 9:17 p.m., London time.

However, he could cease breathing at any time.

There is no explanation that has been offered for why he has been able to breathe on his own for so many hours.

During the night, baby’s parents asked if Alfie could have oxygen, to help his breathing, but the hospital refused to administer any oxygen.

After several hours, seeing that Alfie was breathing on his own, Alfie’s father, Tom Evans, 21, asked hospital authorities to re-attach a hydration tube so that Alfie could receive water.

The hospital agreed.

The hydration tube was re-attached.

After another period of time, the hospital also agreed also to administer oxygen to the child.

So Alfie is now on a hydration tube, and is receiving oxygen, but he is breathing on his own.

“Alfie is sustaining his own life,” his father said, repeatedly, on a Facebookvideo posted last night.

A video of his father saying this can be seen at the website (link).

More Kasper Kontradictions: Protestants And Catholics Are “One Church”

More Kasper Kontradictions: Protestants And Catholics Are “One Church” – 4/24/18

Speaking in contradictions, the de facto Protestant Cardinal Walter Kasper has claimed that Catholics and Protestants are members of the “one holy Church of Christ” but at the same time “not in full communion”.

Writing on (April 23), Kasper leaves it open how one could be member of the body of Christ while not being fully member of that body.

On this basis he asks for Protestant Communion, especially for mixed marriages because they allegedly form a “domestic Church”. read more

Critical Observations on Joseph Ratzinger’s Classic Text “Introduction to Christianity”

Text: Matthias Gaudron – Trans: Tancred – Monday, April 23, 2018

Critical Observations on Joseph Ratzinger’s Classic Text “Introduction to Christianity”

[That along with some of his other works were listed on Opus Dei’s version of The Index of Forbidden Books (Guia Bibliografia : Bibliographical Guide) until he became B16! – AQ Tom] The text was initially submitted as a letter to the editor for Deutsche Tagespost, but unfortunately not published there. In the German daily post from 23 March 2018, Michael Karger raised the issue of the first publication of Joseph Ratzinger’s “Introduction to Christianity”. Undoubtedly, this book contains interesting food for thought and is an attempt to re-examine the Catholic faith of a time when the truths of faith were being thrown off as oppressive baggage. Nevertheless, it must be noted that the young Ratzinger was only partially successful with this attempt and there are statements in this book, which must be contradicted. Therefore, it is incomprehensible that Ratzinger has continued to publish this book unaltered as a Prefect of Doctrine and of the Faith and Pope. I pick out four points: Introduction to Christianity by Joseph Ratzinger 1. The supernaturalism of faith is little expressed in this work. On the contrary, faith and unbelief are put on a level that does not correspond to Catholic doctrine. The believer and the unbeliever share both “in doubt and in faith”. No one can “completely dispel doubt, none whatsoever escape faith” (dtv edition, p. 19). It is true that the believer can know temptations against faith and hours of doubt. But his situation is still very different from that of the unbeliever. Thus, for the first time, the existence of God is fundamentally certainly already comprehensible by way of natural reason, as St. Paul teaches in Romans 1 and Vatican I has declared to be dogma. The Catholic faith in divine revelation is then something done by God Himself in man and gives the believer a supernatural certainty. It is the so-called “light of faith”, the lumen fidei, which always gives the believer a final certainty through any doubts that may arise, that the faith is true and that one must cling to it. Therefore, there can never be any real reason for the believer to give up the faith, as I Vatican I taught again. Of all this not a word can be found in Ratzinger. 2. An extremely questionable attempt is then made to explain the deity of Christ. For Joseph Ratzinger, Jesus is “the man of the future”, the human being who is the least closed in himself and “most relaxed” and thus becomes one with the infinite. It is even said: “If Jesus is the exemplary man in whom the true form of man, the idea of ​​God with him, fully enters the light, then he can not be destined to be but an absolute exception, a curiosity.” P. 169). It is one of the modernist methods to caricature traditional doctrine in order to reject this caricature. Of course, Jesus is not a curiosity, but he is an absolute exception, because there is no second person who can claim to be true God and true man. For this reason, the following statement, made in the name of Teilhard de Chardin, is untenable: “Faith sees in Jesus the man in whom, speaking of the biological scheme, the next evolutionary leap is done; the man in whom the breakthrough came from the limited nature of our humanity, from its monadic closure ” (p. 194). 3. The descent of Christ into the underworld is thoroughly demythologized. From the catechism of the Catholic Church, this article of faith is explained as follows: “The dead Christ descended to the abode of the dead in his soul, which remained united with his divine person. He opened to the righteous who lived before him, the gates of heaven” (n. 637). There is nothing more in this for Joseph Ratzinger. Rather, for him the phrase means that “Christ has passed through the gate of our last solitude, that he has entered with his passion into this abyss of our abandonment. … With that, hell is overcome, or more precisely: death, which used to be hell, is no longer ” (p. 220). 4. After all, the “resurrection of the flesh” is “no resurrection of the body”. There seems to be only some “ultimate connection between matter and spirit” in which the fate of man and the world is completed “ (p. 266). A resurrected body, as the Church has always taught him, does not seem to exist. These few examples show that the “Introduction to Christianity” is not a work that one can unreservedly recommend to someone who wants to get to know the Catholic faith.

FrankenPope personally intervenes to dissolve flourishing, faithful priestly order

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent

FrankenPope personally intervenes to dissolve flourishing, faithful priestly order


April 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – If Italian Vaticanist Marco Tosatti had not told the story of the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles of Brussels, no one would have known that Pope Francis personally intervened to dissolve this recently-created order last November.

It was a personal decision made, it seems, on the insistence of the recently-named Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Beniamino Stella. It thus short-circuited the judgment of the Apostolic Signatura, where appeals against the dissolution of this young Fraternity had reached their final stage. read more

Bishop McElroy: Catholics should focus on ‘deep-level conscience formation’ over moral issues

Lisa Bourne

Bishop McElroy: Catholics should focus on ‘deep-level conscience formation’ over moral issues

CHICAGO, Illinois, April 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy called last week for the U.S. bishops to shift from focusing on Catholic principles and moral issues in the political arena to a “deep-level conscience formation” inspired by Pope Francis.

“As bishops, we tend to teach from principles and moral norms,” McElroy said. “Our approach is cognitive and exhortational, not affective and inspiring.” read more

Christian insistence on purity and moral change

Christian insistence on purity and moral change

By Dr. Jeff Mirus  | Apr 23, 2018

One of the grave problems in the contemporary Church is the number of men and women in leadership and teaching positions who insist it is wrong to demand that those in immoral sexual relationships change their behavior. Worse still are those who claim—or refuse to correct the claim—that sexual relationships formerly regarded by the Church as immoral are not really immoral after all. Equally at fault are those who excuse habitual sexual immorality by arguing that it is the best that those in its grip can do, as if there is a new twenty-first century limit on the power of God’s grace. read more

Vaticanista Fr. Rosica to be honored at Vancouver’s St. Mark’s College

[Vaticanista Fr. Rosica to be honored at Vancouver’s St. Mark’s College]

Fr. Thomas Rosica has praised and interviewed sodomites, atheists and ex-priests such as of the likes of the late Gregory Baum, who embodied all three of those attributes.

[Hat-tip to Church Militant’s Headlines for 4/23/18]

He will be awarded the College’s highest honour, a Doctor of Sacred Letters (honoris causa) by fellow Basilan and Vaticanista (as Secretary of the Education Congregation) “conservative” Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, Ordinary of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Chancellor of St. Mark’s College, at the College’s upcoming Convocation, which (to “compound the felony”; i.e., sacrilege) will be held in the College Chapel on Saturday, May 26, 2018. read more



[National and local “Catholic” Charities are also involved with Habitat and its own similar “lifestyle” habitats; e.g., Oregon Catholic Sentinel article about a cohabiting couple given an affordable house through CC’s “Family” Success Center! – AQ Tom]  

 by David Nussman  •  •  April 17, 2018

Habitat for Humanity has policies that could cause conscience dilemmas for Catholics

DETROIT ( – A Christian non-profit is supporting cohabitation. Habitat for Humanity is an international charity organization that builds homes for those in need. Founded as a Christian organization, Habitat for Humanity has a policy against proselytizing and considers itself ecumenical. read more

The Devil Is in the Details: FrankenPope, the Devil and Hell

The Devil Is in the Details: FrankenPope, the Devil and Hell [If there is a devil but possibly no hell, and he hasn’t been annihilated, then where or what is he? – AQ Tom] Matthew E. Bunson – 4/23/18

When it comes to affirming the existence of the devil, Pope Francis has been unequivocal, consistent and emphatic throughout his papacy. But when it comes to the existence of hell, his teaching has been less unambiguous.

On the morning of April 11, 2014, Pope Francis used his daily homily at the Mass in the chapel of the St. Martha residence in Vatican City to focus on a theme that has long been among his concerns: Satan.

“Jesus’ life was a battle,” Francis said. “He came to conquer evil, to conquer the prince of this world, to conquer the devil.” He added, “Our spiritual life, our Christian life, is a battle. … The devil does not want us to become holy; he does not want us to follow Jesus.” read more

Bishop Tobin: Spiritual Guidance Belongs in Politics

Bishop Tobin: Spiritual Guidance Belongs in Politics The Providence, R.I., shepherd often uses Twitter to weigh in on political and moral debates. [The “good” Bp. Tobin, whom FrankenPope will not make a cardinal or move to a larger (arch)diocese, as he did with the other Bp. Tobin – now Cardinal Abp. Butch of Newark! – AQ Tom] CNA/EWTN News – 4/23/18

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Speaking out on political issues is not only a right, but a duty, for religious leaders, said Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, R.I., in a recent interview.

“What we try and do is take the Gospel, the basis of our faith, and apply it to the issues of the day,” Bishop Tobin told the Providence Journal in an article published April 17.

“Now, some people will like it, some people won’t like it; some will agree, some will not. I think we have not just a right but the need to be involved in these public conversations.” read more