Some time ago I posted an article asking the question: Is there One Bishop? ( On this day when Our Lord suffered and died on the cross for our sins, I am compelled to ask the question again. Indeed, I might direct the question to the person we know as the Bishop of Rome himself. Now I’m not going to get into all the theological whys and wherefores – for that has already been done in spades. We know it as the Ottaviani Intervention. But the matter was brought home to me by a sermon I heard yesterday from a holy priest who has for 45 years from his ordination celebrated only the True Mass as contained in the 1962 Missal. This priest was even told by a bishop that he could be given power and authority in the church if only he would celebrate the novus ordo and he could even celebrate the True Mass privately in his quarters. He, of course, refused and was “shown the door” and called a bad priest to his face by this duplicitous, conspiring bishop. (This priest has operated independently all these years because he will not accept the inducements presented to him that are designed to have him give up his loyalty to the True Mass and to the traditional precepts and doctrine of Holy Mother Church). How about it, bishops – where do you stand today?

Now I’m sure there will be those who say this is not even practical given the liturgical innovations imposed by the Modernists after Vatican II. And, I say to them respectfully: “When is the proper time?” I quote the words of that Person today hanging on the Cross who said through his Apostle John: “But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.” Are you fence-sitters that have to have more than one loyalty or are you true followers of Jesus Christ? Remember that’s Him hanging on the cross today – bruised and battered for our sins.

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7 comments on “ARE YOU A FENCE-SITTER?

  1. Few recall the truly calamitous crisis faced by such priests when the Nervous Ordeal diktat was imposed by P6.

  2. No more severe particular judgment is faced than by priests and religious at the instant their soul departs their bodies. Each was granted, in consequence of a free act of his or her will, graces no one else is ever given.
    How much more strictly is each judged at that terrible moment when the time of divine mercy is OVER and they face divine justice, unto the repayment of the last farthing.
    More strictly still is the judgment faced by hierarchs and, with ultimate severity, him to whom it was granted to rule the entire Church Militant.

  3. On Good Friday, I always contemplate the situation of the Jews of the time. The priests, high priests, Pope Caiphus [corrupted form of the word “Rock” Cephas, in Greek, and language, of the intelligensia of the time], all told the people that they were heretics if they followed Christ. How many good people were confused and sitting “on the fence”? If we were there, would we be on the fence confused. After all, if He was The Son of God, why was He feeling forsaken by His Father? Why could He not come down off from that Cross and Save Himself? I feel sad for the people then and today. What are laypeople, ordinary priests, pro-life workers, pro-family workers to do when even the Pope appears to have abandoned them?
    When God Himself does not appear to care to intervene?

  4. Another perspective is that He was quoting Psalm XXI, which prophesied His Agony but which also foretold the happy fate of those who would come to believe in Him.
    It is true that in His Sacred Humanity in the extreme suffering He underwent He did feel the desperation of every man in dying but never was His Divinity isolated from the Beatific Vision. It is all part of an incredible Sacred Mystery beyond our ability to comprehend but only in little fragments, as it were.
    Perhaps the ones you rightly cite as in a state of being confounded will be more inspired to begin studying doctrine more closely? At least some of them might. And as we all here on AQ know, that is how many of us ended up returning to Tradition! A happy fate, indeed!
    A blessed Triduum, my friend. Always a pleasure to read your thoughtful insights.

  5. PS: It’s just a guess but I posted a news item about the ceiling in St. Peter’s Basilica coming apart on the same day the latest Bergoglian catastrophe was chewing up gigabytes. (Hint, hint!) ☺

  6. Mary the Immaculate One & the Mother of God, St, John, Martha and a few others were not fence-sitters but stood by the Cross of Jesus as He underwent the most brutal and inhuman torture the Romans could administer. May we never forget what He has done for us. As for the Jews, we know that there were some who believed in Jesus even to be laughed at and scorned by their fellows. May we never forget that it was not about racial identities that Christ died but for all men. Also, may we never forget that Christ triumphed over death and rose glorious and immortal to reign forever in Heaven and to receive us should we remain steadfast and loyal to the One, True Faith.

  7. Like many priests, laiety, pro-life and pro-family people, and people of good will, we all have a life to lead feeding families, maintaining a living, cleaning the house, etc. Moreover, we are, as St.Paul says, given by God with certain particular charisms. Not all, perhaps not even many, or most, may have patience or a mind to read and understand writings on doctrinal matters. Most run their life giving of themselves what their particular charism is, because they were not given that theological, philosophical, intellectual mind. They have limited time, or resources, having to trust that the charism of those God entrusted His theologians and chiefs and High Priests will be correct. Moreover, even people with great theological insight were not sure what to make of Jesus. Gamaliel, member of the Sanhedrin, was tolerant but “on the fence”. Many had claimed to see miracles, but did not see them personally. There were also fakes.

    Today too, many are not sure about Pope Francis’ teachings, and what to make of Vatican II.
    What does it mean to “sit on the fence”? An SSPXer might say joining the Fraternity of St. Peter is not joining the fight. A Fraternity of St. Peter priest might say going to an Eastern Rite conservative parish is “chickening out”. There are those in Conservative Novus Ordo liturgies that say they are the answer.
    It has to do with a person’s level of security when the High Priest apparently contradicts logic and the Faith. BUT these are not answers, but rather, just instinctive reactions.
    Often I hear people and priests meditate on the “courageous” women and St. JOHN. In those days, boys and women were not taken seriously in politics and theology. So they were not considered as threat to the religious establishment. Often we compare them with the outright traitors: Iscariot and Peter. And we reprimand the other apostles for running.
    I don’t think condemning the Fleeing Apostles is proper when analogy is drawn to our present Crisis. RATHER, the analogy is between the Chief Priests and Pharisees then with our heresiarchy of today.
    Keep in mind that the Apostles were in full understanding of their responsibilies, and Christ told them it is “not their time” to taste His Cup”. The average faithful lay Hebrew was CLUELESS. Just as the average Catholic lay person today. They are both confused laity.

    Given that we Catholics are looking back to a past that already happened, and know the outcomes and who was right and wrong, during Holy Week the correct question we should put to ourselves is this: where is the average good person in this Crucifixion of today? Where is the Simon of Cyrene of today who grudgingly has been dragged into this Crisis, and off the fence, and must commit to something not within his charism? How do these people manage? How can they decide? This is where most of us are.

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