Vatican Statement Confirms: Frankenpope Is a Heretic


Vatican Statement Confirms: Frankenpope Is a Heretic – 3/29/18
The Vatican Press Office admitted on March 29 that the “Holy Father Francis” again received the evil journalist Eugenio Scalfari.

After the meeting, Scalfari wrote in his anti-Catholic newspaper La Repubblica that Francis denied the existence of hell.

The Press Office does not dispute that Scalfari reported Francis’ statement in a materially correct way but distracts the public by saying that Scalfari may not have used the exact wording.

In the past, Scalfari produced articles after having talked to Francis in September 2013, July 2014, March 2015, November 2015 and 2016, and July 2017. Five of these articles produced Vatican dementis.

But these denials cannot be taken serious as Francis keeps receiving Scalfari in order to feed him with material for new articles.

Therefore it is beyond reasonable doubt that Francis uses his inflammatory statements to Scalfari in order to saw confusion among the simple faithful and further produce conflicts and division in the Church.

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One comment on “Vatican Statement Confirms: Frankenpope Is a Heretic

  1. They’re goin’ bananas over this on FB today, Every wing of the Kathlyk Klub. 4 Klueless NO Kollaborators is defending guess who? while trads are practicing new eye roll techniques with glee. Just another Holy Week brought to you by those nice folks at the Motel 6 and gaily sponsored by the Papa Ooma Mao Mao Egg Drop Soup Co. of Peking.

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