Priest Performs A Palm Sunday Dance

[Unlike Jesus who rode on an ass, the priest was making one of himself! – AQ moderator Tom] – 3/29/18
The Italian Journalist Marco Tosatti published on March 27 a video of a Brazilian priest dancing on Palm Sunday during Mass.

Tosatti received the video from a friend and does not indicate the place where the show took place.

During Palm Sunday Mass the Gospel account of the Passion of Christ is read.

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2 comments on “Priest Performs A Palm Sunday Dance

  1. Who knew that Morris Day is now a Brazilian priest?
    Morris Day Oak Tree

    Dancing like a tree
    See my palm fronds never rest.
    It may sound kind of silly, girl
    But I do it with finesse.
    You see, I never do the boogaloo
    Or the chicken that ain’t me.
    But you can bet your bottom dollar, girl
    I can do the Palm Tree, look out!
    (Palm Tree!) I’ll put you to the test
    (Palm Tree!) When it comes to dancing I’m the best
    (Palm Tree!) Ready to debut
    (Palm Tree!) Spread your palm fronds, you know what to do!

  2. ☺👍👍👍😎

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