Arnaud Beltrame – Freemason and Catholic?

[Also “Traditional(!?) Catholic Hero” – James Bogle, The Remnant London Correspondent. Col. Beltrame and his fiancee were “civilly” married in August 2016 and were being prepared for a “sacramental” marriage in June 2018 by Fr. Jean-Baptiste, a canon of the traditional Lagrasse Abbey of the Canons of the Mother of God, who gave the Colonel Beltrame on his deathbed the last rites of the Church and also performed the rite of marriage for the couple, although some sources report that the colonel was unconscious at the time and thus could not give consent.  The priest had earlier blessed the couple’s residence. Too many unanswered questions concerning the Colonel’s relation with the Church, the Lodge, and his definitely-civil and possibly-sacramental wife. – AQ moderator Tom]   
DefendTruth via Gloria.TV – 3/28/18
Beltrame was also a Freemason in the Grand Loge de France, which, along with all of French Freemasonry, has also been praising him in the media. Maybe he was unaware or confused about the incompatibility of his faith and lodge membership.
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  1. More on Col. Beltrame’s religious situation from France Honors a Catholic Soldier Murdered by a Terrorist:
    Beltrame was … a practicing Catholic, a convert who was close to the Abbey of St. Marie de Lagrasse, where he and his fiancée Marielle Vandenbunder (40 years old and a vet at a local zoo) were preparing for their wedding on June 9. Père Jean-Baptiste from the abbey (a regular canon of the Mother of God community founded in the 1970s that took over the abbey in 2004) came to give Beltrame last rites and the Apostolic pardon (a plenary indulgence) at the hospital on the evening of March 23. He died the next morning. Because of this priest’s public statement, we know something about the officer’s background and spiritual journey.
    Arnaud Beltrame had come from a non-practicing Catholic family. He met Father Jean-Baptiste when the officer was visiting the abbey together with Marielle whom he married civilly in August 2016. (Because of the strong separation of church and state in France, the civil marriage, contracted in a city hall, must precede the religious one.) They asked him to prepare them for their religious wedding. Apparently, Beltrame had converted in 2007, went through the catechumenate for 2 years before receiving his First Communion and Confirmation in 2009. In 2015 he went on a pilgrimage to St. Anne d’Auray, where he asked the Blessed Mother to find him a spouse. The following Easter, Marielle, herself a faithful Catholic, and Arnaud were betrothed at the abbey of Timadeuc in Brittany. Recently he went on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

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