Witness: Vatican Cheated Members of Writing Team of Pre-Synod Document

 en.news – 3/27/18

Isaac Withers from England, one of the authors of the final document of the Vatican’s youth pre-synod, confessed on Facebook (March 25) that the Vatican manipulated the writing team to which he belonged.

The reason: The team received only a summary of the many proposals for the pre-synod submitted on Vatican Facebook groups.

Based on the summary, Withers mentioned in the final document generally that “some” youth are drawn towards “silence, meditation and reverential traditional liturgies”.

Only afterwards he realised that there had been a “huge” online community asking for the Old Mass to be represented in the text.

Withers admits that “the document would have been different had the online world been represented properly”.

And, “I realised going through these comments that we as a writing team had not been shown the wealth of online commenting.”

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2 comments on “Witness: Vatican Cheated Members of Writing Team of Pre-Synod Document

  1. I sympathize but if they had a billion “yutes” tweeting in favor of the Latin Mass, the result would have been the same.
    EVERYTHING this PR machine posing as a pontificate does is pre-rigged and nothing opposed to lockstep obedience to the Leftist party line is allowed.

  2. null
    Final Document of Youth Pre-Synod Ignored Huge Online Community Asking for Old Mass

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