U. of Notre Dame to Honor Mary Ann Glendon and Sister Norma Pimentel

U. of Notre Dame to Honor Mary Ann Glendon and Sister Norma Pimentel
The university will award Glendon the Evangelium Vitae Medal April 28 and Missionary of Jesus Sister Norma the Laetare Medal May 20, for their exemplary commitment to the Church’s teaching on human life and dignity.
[“A distinction with a difference”: The University’s administration awards the Laetare Medal (which was offered to and refused by Ms. Glendon in 2009 because of Pres. Obama as commencement speaker and honorary doctorate recipient – the Medal was not awarded that year but the 1984 Medal recipient, Federal Judge John Noonan. spoke in her place), while the Evangelium Vitae Medal is awarded by the Center for Ethics and Culture ( an autonomous and  currently tolerated institute at the University, which has previously tried and failed to get control of the Center because of public opposition especially from generous benefactors of the Center)] – AQ moderator Tom] 

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — This spring the University of Notre Dame will honor Mary Ann Glendon and Missionary of Jesus Sister Norma Pimentel, whose lives illustrate what St. John Paul II described as “the genius of women.”

Glendon, the accomplished Harvard Law School professor, international human-rights advocate, former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, [mother-in-law of Breitbart Rome correspondent Thomas Williams, Ph.D., ex-L.C., a.k.a. Mr. Elizabeth Lev Glendon] and champion of the unborn child in international law, will receive the Evangelium Vitae award from Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Culture April 28.

Sister Norma, the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, will receive Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal May 20 at Notre Dame’s commencement exercises, in recognition of her service at the border in organizing the care of migrants and refugees fleeing horrific levels of violence and poverty in collapsing Central American countries.

Both women have drawn praise from those who have known or worked with them closely as models of a holistic commitment to the Church’s entire social teaching in their advocacy for the life and dignity of the human person in all circumstances — including with those who disagree.

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