Fake Youth Synod: Call For Latin Mass Ignored By Vatican Apparatchiks


Fake Youth Synod: Call For Latin Mass Ignored By Vatican Apparatchiks

en.news – 3/26/18

During its youth pre-synod, the Vatican ran six Facebook groups in different languages reserved to people between 16 and 29. The English speaking group had around 2,000 participants.

The Vatican promised that a summary of all the Facebook responses would be included in the final conclusions. This turned out to be a big lie.

In the English group there was an enormous request for greater access to the Tridentine Mass.

But the authors of the final document totally ignored the demand and mentioned only generally that “some” youth are drawn towards “silence, meditation and reverential traditional liturgies”.

The young people who were let down by the Vatican did not take it well. Will Harris is one among many who wrote on facebook: “It sounds like the most prominent message you received from this group, that of a clamoring of young adults for a emphasis on tradition and ancient liturgy, is being completely shut out of your input to the synod.”

The pre-synod drew heavy criticisms as many of the 300 delegates invited to Rome were handpicked atheists and political extremists.

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