It’s all they have left.

March 26, 2018


We were going to let pass this year’s treacherous St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York until the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue decided to issue a statement making himself seem all high and mighty, no doubt to drum up some more donations by taking advantage of the ignorant and unsuspecting donors he has. In his statement, he points to John Lahey, a longtime member of the parade committee and blasts him for secularizing the parade.

OK, fair enough, that’s true. But he also paints himself as the noble victim of this secularization because he was double-crossed when he had agreed to supporting the presence of active homosexuals in the parade in exchange for a pro-life presence as well. Lo and behold if the parade committee members in support of sodomy didn’t do just that, telling poor Bill, at first, his pro-life group could march if he agreed to the gays marching as well, then double-crossing him and allowing only the gays to march.

Now, Bill is running around and whining, portraying these men as being responsible for the gayification of the parade but without breathing a word about the real culprit, Cdl. Timothy Dolan, who has enough gays of his own in his chancery to hold their own hours-long parade down Fifth Avenue. Yes, whiney Bill is complaining that he made a deal with the devil and that the devil double-crossed him. The problem is he is not painting the full picture for you. He lays all the blame at the feet of Lahey and never breathes a word about Dolan, the cardinal who pushed for all this behind the scenes in 2015 because he made a backroom deal with fake-Catholic Governor Andrew Cuomo that if he appeared to soften opposition to homosexuality, then the state would pump much-needed funds into his collapsing Catholic school system. Surprise, surprise, Dolan went all gay and Cuomo and company double-crossed him. Now, Dolan is left with nothing except photo ops with the lying, child killing, sodomy loving, fake-Catholic governor where Cuomo looks somewhat respectable and Dolan looks, well … but see, noble victim, whiny Bill Donohue leaves all this out of his press release of persecution. He originally backed the cardinal’s anti-Catholic, politically-motivated decision until he got screwed over — then and only then did he get all sanctimonious. If he had been allowed to have his pro-life group march, he wouldn’t be writing any of this hypocritical tripe about the parade being secularized.

You’ll recall this moment back in 2015 when Church Militant approached His Laughingness at the start of the parade with a serious question about the scandal he was causing by pushing and cheering for the presence of active homosexuals in the parade. Immediately following, he had his communications director, Joe Zwilling, call out the thugs and forcibly remove us. But Donohue can’t get into all that.  Actually, he can’t get into any of that. To do so would be to draw the “Eye of Sauron,” meaning Dolan, known by his clergy as “Chuckles,” and he would lose his tidy little financial arrangement of pretending to defend Catholic sensibilities in the public square while cashing in on his blarney.

Maybe Chuckles used to care about the Faith. Maybe hypocritical Bill used to as well. But right now,  they are both double-crossed losers whose Irish blarney schtick has not only denigrated them in the eyes of the general public and made them even more irrelevant than they already were but also a pair made for each other, sharing responsibility in the larger picture of the demise of the Catholicism in the public square.

Sleep with the devil fellas, and it’s not going to work out well for you.

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One comment on “IRISH BLARNEY

  1. Taking the long view, AmChurch was ever a problem child, going back to the earliest days of this former-Republic and all its pomps and works. While true that a handful of clergy and religious did do things of note since the 1700s AmChurch 2018 is the logical end, the unavoidable result of Americanism and a decidedly independent-minded hierarchy run by the “Irish Mafia”.
    Dolan’s picture should be in dictionaries, next to the definition of “fatuous”. He’s what you get after 200+ years of Church politics-in-pursuit-of-WASP-acceptance.
    That Donohue stepped on a rake is no big surprise. His dictionary pic should be next to the definition of “opportunism.”
    Both of the aforementioned gents live very well indeed. But they underscore the net result of America’s historical and cultural indifference to first truths in the face of temptations to fame and lucre.

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