SSPX and the Novus Ordo: A New Spirit of Cooperation

SSPX and the Novus Ordo: A New Spirit of Cooperation

Written by  Michael Matt | Editor – 3/24/18

SSPX and the Novus Ordo: A New Spirit of Cooperation



On February 10, 2018, Monica Green and Nicolas Lessard, from the SSPX parish of St. Raphael in Winnipeg, MB, were married by Novus Ordo priest, Fr. Kelly Wilson, in the diocesan church of St. Augustine of Canterbury in Brandon, MB. Fr. Vachon, SSPX, stood by while the couple professed their vows before Fr. Kelly, who is parochial vicar of St. Augustine of Canterbury. After the ceremony the following picture was taken and placed in St. Raphael’s parish bulletin for the month of March 2018.



sspx novusLeft: Fr. Kelly Wilson (Diocesan); Right: Fr. Vachon (SSPX)

The couple preferred the church of St. Augustine for the ceremony, and Fr. Vachon reportedly indicated to them that since it is the couple who are the ministers of the sacrament of marriage, it doesn’t matter which priest officiated.


REMNANT COMMENT: This story broke on several websites that cited it as proof the SSPX no longer believes there is a state of emergency in the Church. While this attitude fails to take into account the complexities of the situation as well as a growing SSPX annulment problem, this development represents a rather dramatic change in attitude that may indeed signal a gradual moving away from the state of urgency/supplied jurisdiction argument.  Our sources tell us the SSPX is now working with as many as ten bishops who either grant them delegations or supply them with diocesan priests to conduct their marriages. We leave it to our readers to decide for themselves if this newfound cooperation with the Novus Ordo is cause for concern or celebration.

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6 comments on “SSPX and the Novus Ordo: A New Spirit of Cooperation

  1. As an international emblem of refusal to adapt itself to the Revolutionary War declared in 1962 by cagey, manipulative heretics and outright scoundrels, it would seem the Society ought to be all the more intent upon distancing itself from “sacramental collusion” with the “ecclesial grandsons” of those same cagey usurpers, would it not? After five years of accelerating madness in the Occupied City, why this? And why now?
    Yes, I do know it is the public vows exchanged that constitute the bond of Matrimony and that the priest witnesses and may bless the marriage. He does not “confect” the sacrament, per se. I also know, however, that perception on that point may not be universal and that most ModKathlyx attending a wedding may head off for the reception thinking that Society clergy are now “starting to get with the program” of Brave New Church. And that should not even enter anyone’s mind if Operation Survival is itself to maintain consistency with its founding principles. Little things can and do become very big things in short order, undoing much already gained.
    I hope such will not be the case here.

  2. This is a lengthy conference by Bishop Fellay, but an interesting summary of the history of the SSPX and report on the current state of negotiations:
    If I recall correctly, Bishop Fellay reports that Pope Francis told him that Pope Benedict was on the verge of excommunicating the SSPX right before his abdication, but backed off at the last minute. Pope Francis told Bishop Fellay, on the other hand, that he would never condemn the SSPX.
    The current offer from the Vatican requires the SSPX to recognize the Catholic authenticity of Vatican II and the legitimacy of the Novus Ordo, which Bishop Fellay said is not possible.

  3. Well, that’s good to learn. Thanks, Anthony. Who’s got which agenda is hard to follow even in TradWorld these days. A friend once said joining up with Trads is like joining a circular firing squad. The Society has many enemies and I’m pleased to know that Bp. Fellay seems to be holding up well.

  4. Garsh. This has me thinking…
    If the sacrament of marriage is actually confected by the spouses — which it is — and it doesn’t matter which priest officiates (which is highly debatable)…then…um…
    NO ONE. I repeat: NO ONE, of any credibility whatsoever, has ever claimed that SSPX ordinations are invalid. But if their ordinations are valid, they are real priests. If it doesn’t matter which priest officiates at a marriage, then an SSPX priest can validly officiate.
    So WHY does a Novus Ordo priest have to officiate?
    Hint: The answer has to do with the heresy of religious indifferentism.

  5. It is true that the parties to a marriage actually confer the bond but the blessings to the sacrament of Matrimony are conferred through the blessings of the sacramental minister – in this case the priest. It is unwise IMO for the SSPX to lend its cooperation to the novus ordo until such time as differences are resolved in matters of doctrine because it gives the impression that the differences are minor when, in fact, they are enormous.
    This does not mean, however, that there should not be cooperation in providing the last rites to a person in danger of death. In the final analysis, it appears the differences that exist between the SSPX and the NO as well as by extension all the independent “traditional catacombs,” will have to be resolved by the Courts of Heaven unless a miracle occurs and we get a pope who resolves them himself. Sadly, that does not seem, to be case with Bergoglio as it has been with all the post VII claimants to the Chair of Peter.
    There is always the possibility that Bergoglio will stop acting simply as the Bishop of Rome and act as the Vicar of Christ but that will take a singular grace from Almighty God – IMO. Many traditional Catholics pray for this every day and will continue to pray regardless of the statements made by the opposing parties. There is also the possibility that Benedict XVI will re-assume his role, end his retirement and do what must be done.

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