Chicago archdiocese’s exorcist won’t be attending Vatican training on possession

[No reason given; nonetheless, I am surprised that Chicago under Cupich still has an exorcist! – AQ moderator Tom]

Robert Herguth

Exorcists have the special task of driving out demons when somebody is believed to be “possessed” by an evil spirit — and such incidents are reportedly rising in some parts of the world.

The Vatican “is hosting a weeklong training” next month in Rome “to better prepare” priests “for ministry” as exorcists, according to an article in the religious press that explains possessions are rising in Italy and some priests don’t know what to do.

Another recent news article says “demonic activity has risen exponentially” in Ireland, and a priest there has “called on church leaders to appoint a team of exorcists to cope with what he sees as a rising tide of evil in the country.”

The Archdiocese of Chicago still has a priest serving as an exorcist.

An archdiocesan spokeswoman would not provide numbers of reported possessions but said Chicago’s exorcist “does not plan on attending the event in Rome.”

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