Cat Fight Behind Viganò’s Removal?

Cat Fight Behind Viganò’s Removal? – 3/25/18

Tensions with the Secretariat of State are a reason behind Monsignor Dario Viganò’s resignation as the prefect of the Secretariat for Communications, according to the court journalist Andrea Tornielli.

Writing on Vatican Insider (March 22), Tornielli reports a recent fight between Viganò and the Secretariat of State.

On March 16, Pope Francis received the alumni of the Roman seminary but did not want the audience to be live-streamed.

A day later, the Secretariat of State asked Francis if he wanted the meeting to be transcripted or only paraphrased. Francis said “no” to an integral transcript.

The Secretariat of State informed ten different recipients in the Vatican media that no transcription of the meeting should be produced. Viganò replied to all ten recipients calling this order “confusion” without knowing that it came from Francis.

He added that the Secretariat for Communication was [allegedly] autonomous and that Vatican media would report as they consider appropriate.

On March 19, Viganò submitted his resignation.

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  1. Opera buffa is alive and well in the Occupied City. This libretto has as many gaglines as The Marriage of Figaro! 😀🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

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