Presentation of Francis’ Interview-Book – Nobody There

Presentation of Francis’ Interview-Book – Nobody There – 3/24/18

Just 25 people attended the presentation of a new book interview of Pope Francis, “God is young” according to the pro-Francis outlet IlFattoQuotidiano(March 23).

Francis wrote the book together with the Italian establishment journalist Thomas Leoncini. It was published by Piemme in co-ordination with the Vatican Library.

The event took place at the Augustinianum in the immediate vicinity of the Vatican.

No cardinal and no bishop of the Roman Curia were present.

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One comment on “Presentation of Francis’ Interview-Book – Nobody There

  1. Reminds one of the scam a top Dem tried to pull to get around tightened fund raising restrictions. He “wrote” a book ( some pages contained only one word and it looked like 2 year olds had compiled it ) and bribed some publisher into doing a huge run, available only by the case ( no small unit sales to legit book outlets, naturally ). Investigators found stockpiles of unopened cases of the “book” in union-owned warehouses.
    I doubt Steve Scully will be sitting down for a three hour C-SPAN Book Notes chat with His Fumbleness anytime soon. 😎

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