“Traditional Catholicism is the only answer” – an Archboldian call to arms

“Traditional Catholicism is the only answer” – an Archboldian call to arms


A while ago I asked my friend Pat Archbold if he would like to contribute some thoughts to our “What do we do now?” question.

But in the meantime, we fight. There is no fleeing to the hills in hopes that we will be left alone there to rebuild Christianity.  The enemy would never allow it.  We must fight them on everything. 

What’s the goal?

The recovery of all Truth and return fully to traditional Catholicism in its liturgy and formulations of the Truth and every promulgated falsehood, whether direct or indirect, must be purged from the Church.

I wrote last month that people have really come to a point. They know what they need to know about what’s going on, and now would like to know, in real terms, what to do.Whatever is going to happen in Rome, if there’s going to be Vatican III or there’s going to be a bishop-revolt or a palace rebellion or whatever… none of it really has very much to do with us as individual Catholics, living in all the different countries of the world, doing our jobs and living our lives, trying to figure out how to best fulfil the duties of our state.

A short time ago, an old conservative friend of mine from Canada wailed to me in a Facebook message, “You don’t really think we’re looking at 50 more years of this?” I had to tell him that I saw no reason not to think so, and that it was time to start facing up to certain realities. I told him to consider that we have been put into this situation after nearly 40 years of “conservative” popes, as the term is now understood. This is not the doing of one man, or even one group of highly successful conspirators. This is the wasteland of the Real, and it has been in the making for a long, long time.

At some point, we have to step back from the screen and the Twitter feed and ask, “OK, I get it. Now what does it have to do with me? How does it actually affect me and my family? What, exactly, am I obligated to do?” And I don’t mean that as a rhetorical question; it needs to be carefully and seriously discerned, what actions must we take? What actions may we take? We are obliged to see that our spiritual lives are sustained, with the sacraments if possible, and to see that our family, social and work duties are maintained as well as possible.

Pat wrote the piece I asked him for, but gave it to Mike Matt at the Remnant (which is fine, since Mike pays and I don’t.) But he said I could pinch it. So here’s a kind of Archboldian call to arms, and a warning against retreating to the comforting “conservative” ground we have been occupying:

We can never despair, even if we are reduced to a most pitiable state,
persecuted by our own even in concert with oppressive states, seeking sacraments in secret, or worse. 

And of course, we know that’s not hyperbole anymore.

Recently a question was put to me by a friend. That question, in its essentials is this, “What now?  What are our options, given the current trajectory? What are we, lay people and individual clergy who see what is happening, to do when the destroyers have all the power?  How do we persevere and preserve?  How can we?”

I was born in 1967 into a Church that had already surrendered to the enemy, I just didn’t know it. After that surrender, it became the task of successive Pontiffs to cede ground in order to maintain something that still resembled that which they inherited.  The Popes that ceded the least territory to the enemy in order to “conserve” that which remained, were hailed as heroes on the global stage.  Those who put up little resistance and gave ground easily had to content themselves merely with sainthood.  But each in their turn gave precious ground to the enemy.

Those few faithful that refused to flee and abandon the Church altogether were told by those they trusted that all the ground ceded to the enemy was of no value anyway, that is was actually an encumbrance better jettisoned to preserve those things that really mattered. Then those things that really mattered were artfully moved into the encumbrance category and jettisoned with the rest.  Better to do this, we were told, then to fight.  Fighting only made things worse, made the tiger clench its jaws even tighter.  Best not to wiggle and squirm, it just turns people off. 

This was the “conservative” approach.  That we should only be concerned with the 5 year rolling average of truth and not focus on what was already lost.

But with the current papacy things have changed, somewhat. Yes, more people are waking up to the fact that there is no land left between us and the tiger and it has us in its jaws.  Feeling the clench and the pain, there are those that are finally waking up to the reality of the threat posed.  There can be no doubt that this is a necessary and crucial step to mounting any serious resistance.  But old habits are hard to break.  I recently saw a prominent clergyman, once firmly committed to the “conservative” approach, but now valiantly resisting that which must be resisted, publicly pining for the Church of 2012.  If only we could return to that golden era, things could be grand again.  If only we could take a few steps back from the tiger, surely, we would be saved. But this is the same mindset of surrender that brought us to this precipice.

What we must first do is recognize that the enemy, modernism and its mitred minions, will never stop. They will never just take enough and stop. They will never be satiated. They will relentlessly continue until there is nothing left of True Religion.  Digging trenches is not a strategy for victory, but merely a delaying tactic for inevitable defeat. That means we cannot just fight this fight where the current lines are drawn, our aim has to be to take it back, all of it.

That means the aim must be the recovery of all Truth and return fully to traditional Catholicism in its liturgy and formulations of the Truth and every promulgated falsehood, whether direct or indirect, must be purged from the Church. Yes, traditional Catholicism is the only answer. Seeking any kind of middle ground leaves the enemy on the field. That can never be tolerated. There were those valiant men who told us this at the beginning of the onslaught, but all too many of us were not prepared to listen.

We will fight in our parishes, we will fight in our dioceses, we will fight every lupine shepherd in sheep’s clothing, we will fight online, we will fight with our wallets, we must fight and never stop fighting. We don’t fight in hopes of a truce or for some less-unholy middle ground. We fight for all of it. And we can never stop fighting until that day God calls us home or He decides in His infinite wisdom that His body has suffered enough and provides for that break in the front that will send the enemy scurrying. 

It is not in our power to win any given battle or the war, it is ours only to fight for what is right. That is the strategy, fight and never stop fighting until the strategy emerges in God’s good time.  And then fight some more until the enemy is defeated.  It is us or them.


Traditional Catholicism is the only answer.

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3 comments on ““Traditional Catholicism is the only answer” – an Archboldian call to arms

  1. I have always believed in that. Problem is, now if I fight abortion, gay rights, the Enlightenment, etc, it goes past most people’s heads. There is under Francis, no validation I can provide others to prove my points are the Church’s points. We are no longer fighting a lukewarm Church with a half heart or even grudging endorsement of Truth.
    Now the battle is knowing and fighting for Truth when everyone knows you are just speaking an opinion and not a Truth as taught by Church. It sounds like just another opinion among many..

    • Absolutely right.
      It is the Novus Ordo Church that is our worst enemy, and therefore we must focus all our efforts on crushing the Modernist usurpers within it.
      Once they are out of the way, the World, the Flesh and, yes, even the Devil, will seem like pushovers.
      Still, we can also evangelize those around us. It’s true that it is ten times harder because the official Church is actually using its authority to nullify our efforts. What should be our strongest support becomes a most deadly subversion. Nevertheless, as gpm quotes, our task is not to convince, but to provide the truth. There ARE a very, very few whom God has inspired with a hardcore love of truth, and they will bull through anything to find it. As to the rest, well, they will not be among the elite and courageous remnant who will be saved in these most evil times.
      Everything’s proceeding according to plan.

  2. First, Archbold is 100% correct.
    Second, I read a quote from Sr. Mary Bernard (St. Bernadette of Lourdes) that her task was to provide the truth. Not to convince.
    She also said the only thing she feared was bad Catholics and that sinners persist in their wickedness because they love their sins.
    Those comments may seem common and even unremarkable – at first. But not for long.
    Miss White and Mr. Archbold are each notable for their conviction and that is because they are good Catholics. And they know revolutionary hard cases have deep pockets, total command authority and a media that appreciates the fact that the hard cases are worldlings in love with their heresy. Which suits the world’s second oldest profession just fine.
    None of us on AQ will likely see anything but more lunacy from the bathhouses of sunny Nuovo Roma, no matter which lib wing nut succeeds the current Pontifex Egregiousus. The annihilation was a fait accompli by 1970 and entropy must run its course.
    That means at least a few centuries will pass before a Church once again recognizable as THE Catholic Church reappears.
    Welcome to 118 AD, folks.

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