Cardinal Dolan: Democrats have abandoned Catholics

Cardinal Dolan: Democrats have abandoned Catholics

Catholic World News – March 23, 2018


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[“When you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas”]

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan has charged that the Democratic Party no longer allows room for loyal Catholics. “The ‘big tent’ of the Democratic Party now seems a pup tent,” the Cardinal wrote, in a column published by the Wall Street Journal. He pointed to Democratic leaders who have said that pro-lifers are not welcome in their party, and to the Democrats in New York who have blocked aid for students at parochial schools.

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One comment on “Cardinal Dolan: Democrats have abandoned Catholics

  1. True. But probably too little, too late.

    They have bankrupted the country with their failed socialist policies, destroyed Catholic neighborhoods and the historic Catholic parish communities which formed the foundation of what were once great and thriving American cities. They have enabled the most obnoxious anti-Catholic and anti-Christian secular and the whacko nutjob anti-Catholic and anti-Catholic agenda of liberal perverts. They have destroyed public education, removing prayer and moral instruction from American life, depriving American children of the moral and spiritual education they need in life. They have opened the borders to drugs, criminal gangs, and terrorists all in the name of sanctimonious, multicultural, liberal virtue signaling, endangering American citizens, leading to murder. All the while enabled by the modernist perverts and fruitcakes in your USCCB. They have sought to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortifacient birth control in obnoxious, anti-Catholic displays of the dictatorship of moral relativism and Orwellian totalitarian tyranny.

    While liberal Democrat sanctimony is in focus, when did St. Joe Biden ever threaten to beat up Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy for their lechery and abuse of women?

    On the Church…
    How many Catholic schools will you close in the next ten years? When will Catholicism, Catholic identity, and Catholic teachings be honored again and taught again by real Catholics at the colleges in your archdiocese? You are in charge of Catholic education in your diocese. What’s stopping you from fielding first-rate Catholic education taught by orthodox Catholic faculty on Catholic campuses? The time to choose is now. The Church and civilization itself is at a crossroads, paraphrasing Bishop Tobin on that appalling, obscene, grotesque, and disgusting scandal at Providence College. How will you choose? How will you be remembered in church history with respect to the defense and preservation of Catholic identity? How will Fordham and St. John’s be so remembered? Where will future Catholic priests come from without orthodox Catholic schools, high schools, and colleges taught by orthodox Catholic faculty?

    Think about it and pray hard.

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