Pope appoints administrator for troubled Brazilian diocese where bishop and priests arrested for stealing $600,000 from church; also in keeping with that Latin American custom of embezzlement and other forms of corruption, Paraguayan bishops quit involvement in state charity after reports of mismanagement (waste and corruption) 

Catholic World News – 3/21-3/22/18
Pope Francis has appointed an apostolic administrator for the Diocese of Formosa, Brazil,whose bishop, José Ronaldo Ribiero, has been arrested and charged with taking $600,000 in church funds. Several other priests, including the vicar general of the Formosa diocese, were also charged, in what police said was a conspiracy to divert diocesan funds to the clerics’ personal purposes. While Bishop José Ronaldo Ribiero remains the diocesan bishop, Archbishop Paulo Mendes Peixoto now has authority to govern the diocese.
The Catholic bishops of Paraguay have withdrawn from a role in the management of the country’s state charity, after the appearance of a report criticizing the office for waste and corruption.
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