Schönborn Belies that FrankenPope Is “God-Sent” For Him

Schönborn Belies that FrankenPope Is “God-Sent” For Him – 3/19/18

Pope Francis is a God-sent gift from God “for me and I think for many”, pro-gay Vienna Cardinal Schönborn said to the anti-Catholic state television ORF (March 18).

Schönborn acknowledged that Franics is more valued “outside” of the Church while “certain circles in the Church” [i.e. the Catholics] are worried that Francis is – what Schönborn called – “too open”.

Most of the interview is fluffy verbiage. Schönborn has a history of enthusiastically praising whatever pope is in power.

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One comment on “Schönborn Belies that FrankenPope Is “God-Sent” For Him

  1. There Is Evidence That Cardinal Schönborn Lied
    Marco Ansaldo reported during the Family Synod in 2015 that Benedict XVI had invited Vienna Cardinal Schönborn for lunch in order to encourage Schönborn to arrange for a compromise between the Cardinals Müller and Kasper.
    Schönborn’s press-speaker denied this story to (February 3) claiming that Ansaldo’s report was “completely false”.
    But on March 12 revealed that it spoke in January to other sources who bolster Ansaldo’s report. Two anonymous sources who were both part of the German-speaking group at the 2015 synod, confirmed that a meeting between Schönborn and Benedict indeed took place.
    One source said that Ansaldo’s report was also correct in its details and that the meeting was “quite public for the German-speaking group”. Ansaldo stood by his original story.

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