FrankenPope reportedly declines resignation of Cardinal Maradiaga

[He will keep his cronies in office until they are carried out dead]
Catholic World News – 3/19/18
Pope Francis has reportedly declined to accept the resignation of Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, the chairman of the Council of Cardinals. The Honduran prelate turned 75 in December, and submitted his resignation as required by canon law. But the Pontiff, according to Italian news reports, has indicated that he will not act on the resignation.
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One comment on “FrankenPope reportedly declines resignation of Cardinal Maradiaga

  1. AQ’s SIGINT assets report the following from the lunch line at the Motel 6 in ever sunny Nuovo Roma, earlier today. A new Monsignor from Venezuela was next to “guess who?” at the midday repast…


    “Santo Padre, joo not gonna let Maradiaga retire?”
    “Don’ joo call me dat. Call me Jorge!”
    “But joo ARE dee Santo Padre, ain’t joo?”
    “Shhh! Somebody might hear joo. I am dee beeshup ova dee Rome. Dat’s all. An’ to answer joo question: no, Maradiaga mus’ hang on for dear life. I need heem.”
    “Joo do? How come?”
    “Don’ joo read dee polls? Or see news? I gotta lotta enemies, now. Dee peoples, dey startin’ to wake up. Dey don’ like what I say. Dee wheels are coming off my li’l Revolucion, I gotta keep as many of my títeres leales (loyal stooges) in power for as long as I can! ¿Entender?”
    “Si. Me don’ say nothin’ to nobody.”
    “Muy bueno. Now, try dee egg drop soup. Dees new Vaticano chef from Peking ees a genius!”

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