Author Of ‘The Dictator Pope’ Revealed (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Author Of ‘The Dictator Pope’ Revealed (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) – 3/19/18

The author of the brilliant book Dictator Pope has been revealed as the historian Henry Sire, reports Catholic Herald (March 19).

Sire published his book in December under the pen name Marcantonio Colonna. He was born in 1949 in Barcelona and is currently living in Rome where he works as a historian. He has a degree in Modern History from Oxford.

Sire is a guest at the annual summer meeting of the Catholic Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy.

[More on the author’s background and updates on his work: Ongoing via his Twitter and an upcoming revised edition of his book at AQ moderator Tom]

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3 comments on “Author Of ‘The Dictator Pope’ Revealed (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

  1. mysterium revelare opus veritatis

    Comes the hour to tear off all masks, for the devil and his minions flee from the light of Truth….

    Quant Je Puis

  2. I don’t agree with some of Mr. Sire’s view of recent events in Church history especially surrounding Vatican II.
    Two cases in point. First, he seems to accept the view of John XXIII as a naive or “conservative” pope. As I have recently related on separate occasions, J23 did not get the idea of the need for a council as a spur-of-the-moment “inspiration from the Holy Spirit.” He discussed it with fellow cardinals during the conclave that led to his election as pope. Also, in his address at the opening of the Council, he said, “The deposit of faith is one thing, the manner in which it is presented is another,” thus setting forth the Council’s hermeneutic, which would take more than one session to achieve.
    When the Council did not get the necessary 2/3s vote to reject the drafts prepared in advance for the conciliar documents, “Good Pope John” recognized the 60% vote as sufficient to reject those drafts and have new ones prepared “from scratch” – a process that would take more than one brief session.
    Second, the Novus Ordo liturgy (especially the Mass) was prepared not only after V2 but also before and during it. Trendy liturgists were writing and speaking much about the topic, including specifics. I read one such and heard another and dismissed both of them as pipe-dreams, but much of what I read and heard was realized in the new liturgy.
    While the Council Fathers were discussing the Liturgy Constitution on the floor of St. Peter’s Basilica, an unofficial group of liturgists (including then Msgr. – later Abp. – Bugnini and his cohorts, many of whom would become members of the official post-conciliar liturgical Consilium) were semi-secretly meeting to prepare the new liturgy – independently of the Council’s proceedings!

  3. Agree re. J23. Bellegrande clearly stated in his “NikitaRoncalli” manuscript that John took the local Italian Communist periodical at the Vatican, recommending it to others,
    The little Bug was Pius XII’s protege, though J23 dumped him, later. As Canon Hesse said, “But Paul VI brought him right back.”

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