Catholic college senior under fire for defending marriage

[Providence College from a formerly Cardinal Newman Society recommended “authentically Catholic” college to a now CINO PC one: Anthony Esolen deja vu?  A former PC prof who was similarly treated because of his supposed racist essays (widely publicized in the conservative and Catholic blogosphere; for example, see Providence College Eats Its Own). More about the student’s situation at Providence College Bullies Its Faithful Students]
Catholic World News – 3/19/18
A senior at Providence College in Rhode Island has become the focus of bitter denunciations after he posted material in his dormitory defending traditional marriage. With approval from administrators of the Catholic college, angry students will demonstrate on March 21 to demand respect for “diversity.” A minority of faculty members have come to the support of the embattled student.
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One comment on “Catholic college senior under fire for defending marriage

  1. The student is supposed to march in a parade which does not affirm or uphold Catholic teachings on marriage? Does he get to wear a clown nose if he agrees to those terms?

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