FrankenPope Implements George Orwell Into the Catholic Church

FrankenPope Implements George Orwell Into the Catholic Church

Gloria.TV News – 3/18/18
The excellent political commentator known as The Saker, a Russian, born in Switzerland and living in the United States, commenting on the British “Skripal nerve-gas assassination” hoax, has made some sharp observations which regard not only the Western Regimes but also the Francis Church.

The Saker points out that there is a relationship between the denial of moral reality and the denial of physical reality. Modern western civilization began by taking liberties with the truth, which it would bend and adapt to serve the ideological agenda of the day. Quote, “The western civilization got cozy with the idea that there was no objective truth, only the subjective perception or even representation each person might have thereof.” That sounds like Francis’ “individual case trick”.

According to The Saker this produced the modern Gayropa – as Europe is now often referred to in Russia. Quote, “Not only has God been declared ‘dead’ and all notions of right and wrong dismissed as ‘cultural’, but even objective reality has now been rendered contingent upon political expediency.” Which means for Catholic bishops: you adapt your Faith to whomever happens to hold power in the Vatican.

The Saker refers to what George Orwell defines in his book 1984 as “doublethink” and which sounds like the defenders of Amoris Laetitia. For Orwell “doublethink” is -quote – “to hold simultaneously two opinions which canceled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it”.

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One comment on “FrankenPope Implements George Orwell Into the Catholic Church

  1. Yep. Bright fourth graders can see right through what Christopher Ferrara quite aptly termed The Great Facade, after only a year or two of the old Baltimore Catechism. But prelates and lib clergy can’t?
    “Gee, Dad. Is that how come we’re Presbyterians and not Catholics?”
    “Yes it is, Beaver. Our sect leaders went totally bananas decades and decades ago, so we just don’t worry about those things anymore. It makes life easier.”
    “But gee, Dad. The Catholic kids in school say their parents are really worried now about where this pope is taking them.”
    “I’m sure they are, son. But at the rate they’re going, your friends in school won’t have any parishes left by the time they get out of college. Then they won’t have to worry any more, either. They’ll learn, too, that life’s easier that way.”

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