Your Catholic Week in Review (St. Patrick Edition!)

Your Catholic Week in Review (St. Patrick Edition!)

Michael Hichborn – Lepanto Institute – 3/17/18

Join me every Tuesday morning at 9am EST on Mike Church’s show on the Crusade Channel! This week we talked about the Vatican’s attack on the Spanish-based media outlet InfoVaticana, the Three Hail Mary’s devotion, and the beauty of the Holy Mass. You can listen to our weekly talk by clicking here.

Ven. Abp. Fulton Sheen used to say that all things accelerate toward their end.  The slope toward complete chaos within the Church seems to get slipperier every day, and now things are happening so quickly, it’s very hard to keep up.

The USCCB ran a call-in campaign to Congress to support DACA (when was the last time they did this to fight abortion or defund Planned Parenthood?); the Vatican photoshopped a letter from Pope Benedict XVI to make it seem as if he gave a ringing endorsement of Pope Francis’s papacy; the Vatican hired the world’s second largest law-firm to attack a Catholic website (Not only is the Vatican demanding the domain name through lawyers in order to silence this watchdog, but the law firm hired to do so?  Is the same firm hired by Planned Parenthood to do their dirty work. Forget wolves in sheep’s clothing; these are wolves in wolves’ clothing!) … and all of this without even mentioning the gobs of money the USCCB and its programs are taking from the Federal government.

Whenever I think about the way the bureaucracy of the Church (including many bishops) cozies up to the government in the hopes of political and financial favors, I am reminded of the letter that St. Patrick wrote to the soldiers of an anti-Christian tyrant named Coroticus.

In this letter, St. Patrick (speaking like a TRUE Shepherd of God), minces no words and throws a massive indictment at the way the modern Church does business.

Calling Coroticus “a man who has no respect for God nor for His priests whom He chose,” St. Patrick addressed his priests with these words:

I plead with you earnestly, ye holy and humble of heart, it is not permissible to court the favor of such people, nor to take food or drink with them, nor even to accept their alms, until they make reparation to God in hardships, through penance, with shedding of tears, and set free the baptized servants of God and handmaids of Christ, for whom He died and was crucified.

“The Most High disapproves the gifts of the wicked… He that offers sacrifice of the goods of the poor, is as one that sacrifices the son in the presence of his lather. The riches, it is written, which he has gathered unjustly, shall be vomited up from his belly; the angel of death drags him away, by the fury of dragons he shall be tormented, the viper’s tongue shall kill him, unquenchable fire devours him.” And so — “woe to those who fill themselves with what is not their own;” or, “What does it profit a man that he gains the whole world, and suffers the loss of his own soul? 

Nor even to accept their alms.”  Could you imagine a bishop today making such a bold proclamation?

Further down in the letter, St. Patrick has these powerful words for a powerful enemy:

Where, then, will Coroticus with his criminals, rebels against Christ, where will they see themselves, they who distribute baptized women as prizes — for a miserable temporal kingdom, which will pass away in a moment? As a cloud or smoke that is dispersed by the wind, so shall the deceitful wicked perish at the presence of the Lord; but the just shall feast with great constancy with Christ, they shall judge nations, and rule over wicked kings forever and ever. Amen….

Just imagine what the Church would be like if we had bishops today, willing to use such language on pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians. Think of the glory of the Church if her ministers said such things to population control organizations like the United Nations.

Pray very much for our shepherds, who have allowed wolves into the fold.


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