Same Old, Same Old at UN Conference: Abortion and Homosexuality

Austin Ruse – C-Fam – Friday Fax – 3/16/18

UN delegates have to be sick and tired of debating the same things over and over and over again. It seems like at every single UN conference, including the ongoing Commission on the Status of Women, the left comes with their pet issues, abortion and homosexuality, and seek to impose it on the whole world while the whole world is really interested in other things. Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. reports on the tediousness.

In the exact same vein, a smallish number of abortion extremists in the U.S. Congress have sent a chiding letter to U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley demanding, you guessed it, more abortion and more homosexuality in the document under negotiation this week and next at UN headquarters in New York. In the letter, the Congressmen take a swipe at little C-Fam. Seems we are far too effective for their taste. I report.

Pray for the pro-lifers standing in the gap this week at the UN. They are outmanned and outspent and they are very brave.

Spread the word. Be brave. Keep the faith.

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One comment on “Same Old, Same Old at UN Conference: Abortion and Homosexuality

  1. [Some good news]
    At UN meeting on empowering rural women, Holy See diplomat chides critics of motherhood
    Catholic World News – 3/16/18
    Archbishop Bernardito Auza, permanent observer of the Holy See at the UN, told the Commission on the Status of Women’s 62nd session that it is “incoherent when women’s irreplaceable contribution to society through motherhood is stigmatized as an obstacle to their integral human development, instead of being acknowledged, supported, and accompanied.”

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