Pope troubled by criticism on doctrinal orthodoxy, Vatican official says 

[Why not! But why from the Substitute [sic: Was the real one out sick or on the road?] Secretariat of State and not from the horse’s mouth or his lapdog CDF Prefect? – AQ moderator Tom]
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Catholic World News – 3/15/18
The Vatican’s undersecretary of state has told reporters that Pope Francis is calm in the face of criticism, but troubled by suggestions that he is not faithful to Catholic doctrine. “He does not accept this,” said Archbishop Angelo Becciu; “and it is the most serious accusation that one can receive.”
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  1. [The following confirms the above]
    Vatican official, Taoist leader agree to 7 common goals
    Catholic World News – 3/15/18
    The president of the Bao’An Gong temple in Taiwan and the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue agreed to seven common goals; the Vatican has released the text of the seventh (“to promote and safeguard universal values, namely, justice, peace, solidarity, friendship, freedom, and religious harmony”). Pope Francis offered brief remarks to members of the Taoist delegation: “Dialogue … helps everyone to grow … on our road in the search for the Absolute [yours], for God [ours].”

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