by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  March 8, 2018

Dr. John McAdams is appealing to the Wisconsin Supreme Court after being fired from Marquette University

MILWAUKEE ( – The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is siding with Marquette University against a professor who lost his job for defending the Catholic teaching on marriage and outing a fellow teacher who shamed and drove a student out of her class.

Doctor John McAdams, previously a tenured professor at Jesuit Catholic Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was fired in 2016 after revealing Cheryl Abbate, a student teacher, harassed a student in her Theory of Ethics philosophy class after an in-class exchange with her on same-sex marriage, telling him “you don’t have a right in this class to make homophobic comments.”


The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is siding with Marquette, alleging in its own friend of the court brief that McAdams violated the university’s “Jesuit mission.” It claims that, like other Jesuit universities, it is “a Catholic, Jesuit university dedicated to serving God by serving our students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.”

The Jesuit school’s well-known for promoting progressive-liberal ideology in the name of Catholicism. Jesuit universities have supported abortion, LGBT ideology, same-sex marriage and paganism. In the past, Marquette has hosted a gay prom and promoted “gay Masses.”

The brief slams McAdams for focusing “exclusively on his individual rights” and claims he “wants the Court to adopt his views of how this faith-based educational institution should carry out its mission.”

It goes on to claim that Marquette’s principals are “faith-based” and reflect the “mission and values of Jesuit education” and that Marquette “applied these Jesuit educational values to Dr. McAdams.”

In May 2017, A judge ruled Marquette University was justified in firing him. His appeal was allowed to bypass the appellate court and is now being heard by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Doctor McAdams is entitled to express his opinions on matters of public concern in an extracurricular public forum, even if they involve what happens at the university.Tweet

The Thomas More Society filed a friend of the court brief on Wednesday on behalf of McAdams, along with the National Association of Scholars, the State of Wisconsin and the Law and University Professors and Academics.

The Thomas More Society comments, “Doctor McAdams is entitled to express his opinions on matters of public concern in an extracurricular public forum, even if they involve what happens at the university.”

It goes on assert, “For the university to punish faculty members like McAdams for their speech on public issues amounts to an exercise in censorship which contradicts the university’s commitment to academic freedom and violates the clear terms of Dr. McAdams’ contract of employment with Marquette.”

It argues the university “does not have a contractual right to burden McAdams’ First Amendment rights,” that it “may not use its contract to retaliate against [him] for exercising his First Amendment rights” and that it “may not force [him] to forfeit his contractual right to exercise his First Amendment rights.”

The brief argues that “orthodoxy” of belief cannot be imposed on a person. It uses the examples of a 1943 court case ruling that people cannot be forced to salute the flag of the United States and a 1967 case ruling that teachers cannot be forced to sign documents promising they aren’t Communists. The latter ruling states “academic freedom” is “of transcendent value to all of us, not merely to the teachers concerned.”

It goes further to maintain “McAdams argued that the incident illustrated the disturbing ‘pall of orthodoxy’ that oppresses higher education today,” adding, “For those comments, Marquette stripped McAdams of tenure, the only professor it has so treated in its 135-year history.”

Oral arguments are expected to be held on March 19.

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  1. Note to Professor McAdams’ legal team:

    How many members of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities actually uphold Catholic teachings on such things as abortion, Catholic identity in curriculum and faculty hiring, or Ex Corde Ecclesiae? It is highly questionable whether the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is a legitimate “Catholic” organization representing Catholic interests or values in education. Example: Georgetown University recently honored rabidly pro-abortion Senator Durbin with a prestigious award. What you actually have are anti-Catholic elements which have infiltrated and taken over Jesuit colleges and universities. Find a Jesuit or Catholic professor willing to testify or submit an amicus declaring that directly. Is Marquette University following official Catholic teachings and policies as outlined in Ex Corde Ecclesiae or is it violating them? It would be useful to get it on record in a court of law that the anti-Catholic liberals in control of Marquette University are in fact violating canon law and Catholic teachings. Georgetown alumnus William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, was seeking to sue Georgetown University over that issue. The late Prof. Charles Rice of the University of Notre Dame was concerned about similar problems at Notre Dame.
    These institutions which claim to be “Catholic” are actually under the control of anti-Catholic cabals serving anti-Catholic interests. Hence, they engage in false advertising. The alienation of Catholic church property which places such campuses under anti-Catholic control is a violation of canon law. Prove it in court. Have conservative canon lawyers testify.

  2. Howl raises an intriguing strategy. Since recourse through canonical process is no longer an option (Bolsheviks run Church courts nowadays) big, hairy, scary class action suits might just be the ticket!

  3. On the Catholic side, you need a conservative, orthodox Roman Catholic canon lawyer, an orthodox Catholic bishop (who will defend Ex Corde Ecclesiae), a pro-life, orthodox member of the Society of Jesus, and someone from an organization like the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, all to testify or to submit written statements that the anti-Catholic liberal cabal in control of Marquette University is not following Catholic teachings, policies, or Ex Corde Ecclesiae and that there is nothing in Catholic teachings to support the firing of Prof. McAdams over the issue in question.

    On the civil liberties side, you need a constitutional lawyer to testify that the professor’s civil rights to free speech, free inquiry, and academic freedom have also been violated by the anti-Catholic liberal cabal in Marquette’s administration. So the fiasco at Marquette has violated both the Catholic Ex Corde Ecclesiae AND the U.S. Constitution. Find one bishop who will testify against Marquette and its anti-Catholic manipulation of Catholic education (in suppressing free and open discussion of Roman Catholic teachings on the sacrament of marriage). The student’s Constitutional rights to freedom of religion were violated. Marquette engaged in criminal false advertising by representing itself as a Catholic institution to the student. It violated Ex Corde Ecclesiae by suppressing Catholic teachings and Catholic identity in its curriculum and policies. Both the professor and the student are due financial damages restitution. Call upon the anti-Catholic liberal administrators at Marquette to testify and explain why they think and believe that the Catholic teachings on the sacrament of marriage should be suppressed in courses at Marquette. They would have to lie and commit perjury to try to wiggle out of this. There is a criminal anti-Catholic conspiracy at such institutions to alienate and use Catholic church property (the campus and its buildings) for an anti-Catholic agenda which does damage and injury to the Roman Catholic Church and the Catholic students who are conned into paying tuition. This is some form of criminal, anti-Catholic racketeering. Mail fraud, since university publications are sent to applicants, lying that Marquette is Catholic. They should be sued for false advertising, mail fraud, criminal racketeering, and conspiracy to defraud Catholic students and their families of tuition and boarding fees. The specific anti-Catholic liberal administrators should be sued. They should be asked, under oath in a court of law, to name, identify, and list all organizations of which they are members which have an anti-Catholic agenda or which specifically oppose Catholic teachings.

    Whoever fired you should be required to testify under oath on all of those issues. All email communications should be turned over to reveal who ordered them to fire you.

  4. Contact Judicial Watch which might be interested in the constitutional freedom of religion, academic freedom, and free speech issues of the case.

    More than likely, there are quite a few perverts and deviants among the anti-Catholic liberal cabals using fake Catholic universities as cover to promote their immoral anti-Catholic agenda. That should be exposed. Play offense. Not just for this case, but because parents and students need to be warned about these anti-Catholic criminals in higher education.

  5. Jesuits should be thrown out of the Catholic Church and disbanded ! They serve no useful purpose for humanity! Years ago when Obama was running for a second term we had a Jesuit who was President of a local Jesuit university come to a Knights of Columbus meeting trying to convince everyone to vote for Obama since he was doing everything the Church wanted him to do. I chimed in yea, like abortion and bringing in terrorists and illegals ! I was told by the imperial wizard 🧙‍♂️, we should not criticize priests! I told him Jesuits were not priests and go get stuffed ! But in more colorful language ! Jesuits are a joke ! Any group that cannot defend marriage and the right of the unborn are worthless pieces of 🐳 whale dung !

  6. It is just a fact that anti-Catholic secret societies are involved in the suppression of Catholic identity and Catholic teachings at Jesuit universities and other modernist universities (like Notre Dame). They use heretical modernists and homos who have infiltrated religious orders as puppets primarily to promote Malthusian population control. It goes back at least as far as the Rockefeller Foundation project to use Father Hesburgh as a useful idiot to promote artificial contraception and population control among Catholics at Notre Dame in the 1960s. Georgetown was similarly secularized and turned over to lay trustees, serving an anti-Catholic agenda, in connection with Land O’Lakes and the Phi Beta Kappa project to de-Catholicize Georgetown. This was the original anti-Catholic “Catholic Spring” in the late 1960s.
    Marquette is just following in that same ideological pattern from Land O’Lakes.
    If anyone is laughing about the Rockefeller Foundation’s exploitation of Father Hesburgh’s character flaws and vanity in sucking up to globalist population control freaks, it is certainly not unborn children who would be sharing in that masonic anti-Catholic joke and its truly demonic effects on Catholic higher education.

    The modernists and homos in the religious orders serving as puppets for this anti-Catholic deconstruction of Catholic education are useful idiots and perverts who abandoned the faith most likely as teenagers. They come and go like rats on a sinking ship, eating through the hull and leaving a mess behind for others to clean up. Like Notre Dame’s fruitcake president. Judas gets his thirty pieces of silver over and over again in these modernist games.

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