FrankenPope-appointed masochistic, milquetoastish cardinal supported feminists who defaced churches with pro-abortion graffiti

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FrankenPope-appointed [masochistic, milquetoastish] cardinal supported feminists who defaced churches with pro-abortion graffiti

“On the contrary San Sebastian Bishop Ignacio Munilla condemned the rally because of its gender-ideology that – he explained – was ‘adopted under the influence of the devil’!”

[His Eminence (not his underlings) should have to clean it off!]

MADRID, Spain, March 12, 2018  (LifeSiteNews) – Last week, feminists defaced churches in the Catholic Archdiocese of Madrid with pro-abortion graffiti during a “feminist strike” as part of International Women’s Day. Before the protest, Madrid’s Cardinal Carlos Osoro expressed support for the event, going so far as to suggest that “the Virgin Mary would join the strikers.”

“The churches of Espíritu Santo and San Cristóbal were covered in pro-abortion slogans, feminist symbols and blasphemous messages,” reported the UK Catholic Herald, “causing the Archdiocese of Madrid to issue a strong condemnation of the ‘attack on the heritage of the faithful.’”

The report continued:

“The Archdiocese of Madrid expresses its sorrow and its forceful condemnation of these acts that harm social cohesion,” they said in a statement, adding: “True equality is founded on respect for all people and their beliefs”.

The graffiti on the side of the churches read: “Abortion yes”, “Free abortion” and “Get your rosaries out of our ovaries”.

The Cardinal’s pro-feminist words seem to have been taken to heart by at least one of the feminist graffiti perpetrators, who wrote, “The Virgin would also go.”

While Madrid’s Archbishop Osoro – appointed a Cardinal by Pope Francis in 2016 – supported the feminist strike, San Sebastian’s Bishop Ignacio Munilla simultaneously denounced it as being rooted in “gender ideology” and “adopted under the influence of the devil.”

More of the graffiti left by pro-abortion feministsArchdiocese of Madrid

According to a report by the UK Tablet:

Ahead of the strike a Spanish bishop used his radio show to accuse some radical feminists of being influenced by the devil. On his show Sexto Continente, broadcast by Radio Maria, the Bishop of San Sebastian Jose Ignacio Munilla said the decision to strike was taken by a wing of feminism that promotes “gender ideology.”

According to Bishop Munilla, the feminist movement divided into two different strands during the 1960s: “authentic, feminine feminism” and “destructive feminism manipulated by gender ideology.” The acceptable face of feminism for him was the “feminism of difference and complementarity”. Unacceptable was “egalitarianism feminism” which he claimed “establishes that men and women are the same and that differences are down to sociological reasons.” The activists behind the strike would belong to the second category, he said.

Bishop Munilla said that gender ideology was adopted under the influence of the devil, and in taking this path feminism had committed “harakiri,” making women themselves its main victims. This is the tendency that has – self-destructively – forced the feminist movement to defend the struggle for legal and free abortion rights as well as some “lesbian and bisexual causes”, he said.

This isn’t the first time this year that progressive forces have sought to blemish and deface Catholicism in Madrid.

In January, a float in the city’s traditional Epiphany parade promoted the “normalization” of LGBT rights, and featured a drag queen, a stripper, and a female hip-hop artist.

“Cardinal Carlos Osoro Sierra […] didn’t address the situation,” according to a reportin Crux.


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  1. Offer reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Who is gravely offended by blasphemies against His Mother, His most perfect creation and Whose dignity as the Mother of God is infinite in that She bore the Son of God Himself.

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