„Francis Attack On Celibacy Follows A Concrete Timetable“

„Francis Attack On Celibacy Follows A Concrete Timetable“

 en.ews – 3/12/18

Pope Francis wants to change the Church by a slow process to avoid a schism that would be the result of a shock-and-awe method, according to the German journalist Julius Müller-Meiningen.

Writing on zeit.de (March 9), he explains that Francis is a “shrewd tactician” who has already introduced Communion for adulterers and plans an “attack on celibacy” next, “The preparations for this are not vague at all, but follow a concrete timetable.”

A first debate against celibacy will take place at the upcoming Youth Synod in October 2018 and the main debate at the 2019 Amazon Synod.

According to Müller-Meiningen, Francis’ “trick” consists in abolishing norms by ignoring them in “individual cases”. This can further be applied to homosexuals, contraception and female deacons.

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One comment on “„Francis Attack On Celibacy Follows A Concrete Timetable“

  1. Awhile back, I mentioned a friend’s observation about how JP II & B16 were trotted out by the Revolutionaries as their selections to portray a, well, more “conservative” face of liberalism and that Francis, after those two, would portray what the cabal running the Vatican really wanted all along: Total War on Tradition.
    My friend was right then. He’s even more right today. Tradition IS Revelation and without it maniacs can perform end runs around the Perennial Magisterium all day long and revise Sacred Scripture just as manipulatively as Luther ever did. All it takes is determination. And the mafia in charge of the Motel 6 in sunny Nuovo Roma is brimming with wicked ambition to gut, flay and incinerate 2,000 years of Revelation, good order and Faith.
    Schism from the top down is a reversal of historical realities but this pack of war lords is nothing if not theologically and intellectually upside down and bass-ackwards, anyway. The results will be devastation affecting countless souls and will require centuries to overcome, but come it will.
    “Après moi le déluge” was fulfilled 32 years after Louis XV’s alleged forecast. It eerily parallels what has transpired since the death of Pope St. Pius X.

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