Did FrankenPope Just Perform A Miracle?

Did FrankenPope Just Perform A Miracle?

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Gloria.TV News 3/12/18
During a March 9 penitential liturgy in a half-empty Saint Peter’s Basilica  [see comment below], Pope Francis performed a public confession. Novus Ordo Watch commented, “Francis goes to confession and miraculously manages to kneel.” Adding, “The man who is virtually never able to kneel in front of what he supposedly believes is the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, has no problem kneeling when it comes to his annual ‘watch me go to confession’ show.” Francis also never genuflects during his Novus Ordo Mass. Novus Ordo Watch ventures a prediction, “The next time Francis will be able to kneel will be on Mar. 29. That’s when he will wash politically-correct feet. Want to bet?
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2 comments on “Did FrankenPope Just Perform A Miracle?

  1. Again, FrankenPope Faces Empty St Peter’s Basilica


    [Where have all the penitents gone?]


    en.news - Mar 10, 2018

    Pope Francis had again to face a nearly empty Basilica when he celebrated on March 9 a penitential liturgy in St Peter’s.

    A similar picture showed itself in September 2016, when Francis celebrated a “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” for which nobody cared.

    The penitential liturgy was the opening of an initiative called “24 Hours for the Lord” which consists in keeping one church in every diocese of the world open for confessions during 24 consecutive hours.

  2. Another couple of years and Comrade Jorge will be down to an audience of a handful of janitors and vacationing Red Chinese cannibals.
    Oh, and sodish gymnasts. (Can’t exclude those “pwecious people” can we?)
    That lightning bolt that hit the dome of St. Peter’s the night B16 semi-resigned more and more séems to have had more than a meteorological significance.

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