Sleeping Church Needs “Wake-Up Call” – From Mormonism

Sleeping Church Needs “Wake-Up Call” – From Mormonism

[Aso from Islam?] – 2/11/18

Tonga and Niue Cardinal Soane Patita Paini Mafi, one of the many decorative cardinals produced by Pope Francis, has said in an interview with Catholic Outlook (February 28) that the spectacular growth of Mormonism in Tonga is a “wake-up call” for the Church.

The Cardinal’s diocese counts less than 15’000 Catholics which, in many countries, is the size of an average parish. Since the King’s younger son, Prince Ata converted to Mormonism from Methodism in 2005, Tonga Mormonism experienced a dramatic growth reaching 60% of the total population.

Pointing to the consistency of Mormon outreach, Mafi believes that the Church can learn something from the Mormons’ “untiring door-to-door home visitations and their charitable offerings to struggling families and individuals.”

Catholic organizations in Tonga, like Caritas International or the St Vincent de Paul Society, assist the marginalized with necessities and environmental initiatives including planting trees along shorelines.

The suspicion is strong that the religious and spiritual input coming from these Catholic initiatives is marginal.

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2 comments on “Sleeping Church Needs “Wake-Up Call” – From Mormonism

  1. All successful charities from these sects are assisted with monies from the US as part of their funding to what they call “diversity” or”pluralism” funding. They say diversity discourages a one faith monopoly that prevents a fixed and static majority.
    Also these fraud faiths are exclusionary of other faiths, and do not arbitrarily gie away monies without a set faith growth investment. Money is with strings attached, not “open borders”.
    Yeah! The Catholic Church could learn a lot about have to invest in their own faith.

  2. Ghebreyesus touched upon a topic of real interest – how the billions crossing hands from the pews each year have resulted in evangelical constipation while long-proven flops from post-Vatican II “initiatives” have created a Montezuma’s Revenge of apostates and profitable subversive cottage industries with a real impact (a totally negative one) on the “spiritual life” of the very few bothering to show up for Sunday Mass anymore.
    In the early 1960s, the American Mngmt. Assoc. honored the Catholic Church by naming it the most professionally run international enterprise in existence.
    Today, from an organizational and truly spiritual perspective, it could be a case study in Chapter VII Bankruptcy Court (Liquidation) proceedings at Stanford or Wharton.
    E. Michael Jones wrote that even as V2 was underway, the demographic trend was clearly that America would become a majority Catholic nation by the early part of the 21st Century. The Rockefeller and other prot/Masonic centers of deep financial interest went nuts once that expectation gained attention. And “men of the cloth” with political influence, as at G’town and Notre Dame, were only too happy to carry water for the globalist message.
    Thus, it does not seem irrational to ask if, among V2 Revolutionaries siding with the Church’s most intransigent enemies, there was not established a covert pact to not only halt Catholic progress toward achieving a Catholic population majority in America but, in fact, to disembowel the Church altogether?

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