A Catholic Embracing Communism; and Remaining Catholic?

A Catholic Embracing Communism; and Remaining Catholic?

How can any Pope, or any Catholic, embrace Communism, which is is irrevocably antithetical to the Catholic Church? Yet, Pope Francis is Embracing Communism.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, March 10, 2018

I’m telling you, we were this close to losing it all on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. If Hillary had won and Trump had lost, it would have been the beginning of the end of the USA, and of all nations. The whole Marxocrat Party, and the whole Marxocrat Media, are all Soros-funded, Alinsky-organized, pro-Globalist, pro-Marxist, pro-Islam, and therefore, anti-Christian and anti-American. And anti-Western Civilization. And so is the UN, and so is the EU.

Madam Hillary is a Soros-funded, Alinky-organizing, Marxist-Globalist, as is the former President, Comrade Obama (peace be upon him).

Most of the world remains blithely unaware of the evil machinations of the Plutocrat George Sorosthe man behind the curtain.

Similarly, most of the world remains blithely unaware of the evil organizational machinations of Saul Alinsky, which, like evil Marxism itself, lives on and grows long after the death of the author.

The reason the world does not immediately recognize this evil is that it is hidden; it lies about itself, and about what it is. It presents a picture of itself as the seeking of “progress” toward something good. That is why so much of the world does not recognize the Great Communist Lie for what it is.

Younger generations, and even much or most my own generation, no longer see Communism as any kind of threat. They see it as it portrays itself to be: a modern, enlightened, scientific path to Utopia, a world that finally rests in Social Justice, and Equality For All.

But, what is missed by most, is that this is not the equality of the Catholic Teaching, which is Equality in the Eyes of God.

Nor is it the equality of Constitutional America, which is Equality Before The Law.

It is, rather Equality Of Stuff. Of Material. Of Wealth, Property, Everything Worldly.

With exceptions, of course; George Soros, Madam Hillary, Comrade Obama, Comrade Putin, etc., get to keep all their personal stuff. It’s to be Equality for Us, but Not for Them. Somebody, after all, has to make sure all the rest of us spread our stuff around equally, and since it’s their idea, they get to drive the bus.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it, for the good of Social Justice.

Now, old time Catholics know, or should know, that the very idea of a Social Justice based on Equality Of Stuff is not only impossible to achieve, but evil at its root. It promotes both Envy and Theft. It involves the forcible taking of private property for redistribution, and the feeding of the “unearned entitlement” motive in all poor (or poorer) people.

Pope Francis appears to be in this Marxist-Globalist swamp up to his neck. The question is, where does he fit in? If the Globalist plan eventually succeeds, in spite of Trump winning the American Presidency, would the other big actors on the stage give him a seat on the World Government Bus, with them, or kick him out to join the rest of the “Equalized” world peasantry?

And where does he think he might wind up? He has to see where this is all going. He cannot possibly be that stupid or that blind to the ultimate goals of Marxism. And he is helping Marxism to advance in the world.

In Popemaker we talked about the Soros-Francis relationship and that once suspected relationship only gains in strength and credibility as time goes on. And we have talked about the St. Galen Mafia, an evil cabal of Cardinals suspected of shoving Benedict XVI aside and electing Francis to take his place.

Click the image above to see the Cliff Kincaid interview of George Neumayr, author of The Political Pope, which examines the Communist-Globalist ideology of Francis, and his drive toward a World Government.

This is not wild, anti-Catholic conspiracy stuff. This is real. There is no mistaking what is going on here.

Pope Francis displayed an immediate affinity for Comrade President Barack Husseain Obama (peace be upon him), and, he displayed an immediate dislike for President Trump. The election of Trump, it would appear, put the Globalist Bus in the ditch, at least for the moment.

The Pope was just as unpleasantly surprised by the election of Trump as was Madame Hillary, the Marxocrat Party, the Marxocrat Media, the Marxocrat Justice Department, the Marxocrat FBI, the USCCB, the UN and the EU.

The final destination of Global Government Bus was so close! They could smell it! They could almost taste it.

And now, all political guns are aimed at Trump. The long knives are out.

Click the image above for the Cliff Kincaid interview of Catholic Activist Elizabeth Yore, on the unholy alliance of Obama, Francis and the UN.

The UN has outlived its original purpose. It has now come to exist just to exist, to protect itself, to grow itself, and to make itself into a Global Government, and run the world. It is now just about totally corrupt. To become The Global Government means that it must disestablish all other governments, or, make them all subject to the authority of the UN.

To superimpose itself over the Constitution of the USA, and rule us.

That is their goal. And we are paying them to do this to us.

Which is why we recommended Breaking the UN and being done with it.

It’s interesting to note that we really don’t need the UN, but that the UN desperately needs us. The Globalist interests of the world, including especially the UN, all use our money to to take us down and eventually destroy us as a nation. Climate Change, Carbon Taxes, all sorts of environmental whacko programs are all aimed at the USA, and nobody else. It is our own USA dollars that are taken

  1. to feed UN corruption and provide “skim” for corrupt officials;
  2. to weaken and eventually destroy the American economy.

President Trump has already proved that we can negotiate with nations, any nations at all, one-on-one, with no need for any third party interference, and, through Trump, we can  make better deals for ourselves.

The UN today does nothing real to safeguard peace in the world. The UN Security Council is an unfunny joke. Marxism holds more collective power in the UN than Islam, and Islam holds more collective power in the UN than non-Islam, and together, Marxism and Islam hold more collective power in the UN than the USA and her allies.

The UN opposes us and our allies.

The UN should be held to be an enemy alien entity.

Pray for President Trump, for his safety, and for guidance and wisdom.

“With fear and trembling, work out your salvation” —Phil 2:12

Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life.
Please God, and Live Forever.

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6 comments on “A Catholic Embracing Communism; and Remaining Catholic?

  1. Great Post ! Thanks for posting this Tom ! I could not agree more !when you have fought communism your whole life , for the Pope to be a Communist is very disappointing! More than that , it really ticks me off ! Enough said ! We did dodge the bullet with not electing Hilldabeast, the problem is there is no way to get rid of that imbecile Marxist ,the homosexual Cardinals elected ! How does Putin get rid of his enemies? Just saying !

  2. This pope comes from South America, an area thoroughly infested with communists so there is little doubt where his loyalties lie. Thank God there are people like Tom who will expose the truth. It reminds me of a debate we had in high school in the 50s concerning which form of government was best. The conclusion of the majority was that “benevolent dictatorship” was best. In fact, the nun who was teaching the class said that form was the form used in the Catholic Church where benevolent dictatorship was to be found in the many societies of professed religious. The problem is, however, finding a true benevolent leader because “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” IMO this is what has happened to the papacy.

  3. There’s no mystery. Numerous saintly models of “how to be a great Successor of St. Peter” exist. Today’s Feast of St. Gregory the Great is one example.
    Last I looked, he wasn’t a commie and enforced Catholic obedience to the Commandments.

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