The Reason Why the Vatican’s Finances Do Not Work Is FrankenPope

The Reason Why the Vatican’s Finances Do Not Work Is FrankenPope – 2/10/18

Marco Tossatti’s blog (February 27) has explained why the Vatican’s finances are still in a mess: “Because Francis does not make an effort to understand and analyse the problem; he listens, gives some order and goes away. Then, when he reads in the newspapers about the inevitable scandals which follow from this, he gets angry.” The article lists Francis’ main failures:

– he cut the Secretary of State in two by imposing Cardinal Pell as a parallel financial strongman who had not enough experience in this field;

– he named the incompetent, gay-compromised Monsignor Mario Battista Ricca as the prelate of the Vatican Bank, an important role that should guarantee the link between the bank’s management and the board of cardinals;

– he personally named Francesca Chaouqui and Monsignor Lucio Ángel Vallejo Balda to important financial institutions;

– without respecting the necessary procedures he changed people like Mammì and Mattietti in the Vatican Bank’s management;

– he refused to listen to the auditor Milone when he wanted to explain to him what he had discovered;

– he refused to investigate the role of the Vatican Financial Information Authority although he received warnings;

– he personally asked the Italian banker Carlo Salvatori to retire from the bank’s board of directors because Salvatori had asked too many questions;

– he pushed Mary Ann Glendon to hand in her resignation from the bank’s board of superintendence.

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6 comments on “The Reason Why the Vatican’s Finances Do Not Work Is FrankenPope

  1. Since Vatican City is a sovereign state and its plenipotency rests in one man whom none may replace, save for the biological solution, this isn’t going to get any better. I’ve seen it suggested that Operation Bergoglio is being funded by the Red Chinese cannibals. I can think of several advantages to both parties.
    if it is in fact so, then the pope’s blatant incompetence and disregard reflects his awareness that he’s invulnerable and any additional existential problems that weaken the Vatican as the center of the Church is, to him, not necessarily a big negative. His decentralization mania is on record.
    (Such cynicism, I suggest, is slight if one compares it to the wholesale slaughter of innocence, Tradition, Scripture and the Perennial Magisterium carried out for the past five years.)
    Red China’s own mania to maintain a favorable PR image is only enabled by its current ability to run “the church” by its own ideology through the Vatican’s open concessions as to who’s in charge. That alone would be worth covert financing in large sums, if it is true. I don’t claim it is and it would be difficult to prove, but the old question, cui bono?, at least suggests the possibility of common interest on the part of two distinct Revolutions, Mao’s and the conciliarists’.

    • Red China is expanding its influence by ingratiating itself with economic bailouts to countries on the verge of bankruptcy; for example:

      BRUNEI – CHINA: The sultanate in crisis seeks Beijing’s help

      Bandar Seri Begawan (AsiaNews/Agencies) – 3/5/18

      Brunei is heavily dependent on its gas and oil reserves, which are set to run out in 20 years. Western banks are leaving the country. So far China has invested US$ 4.1 billion. Chinese capital is behind a new US$ 3.4 billion refinery and petrochemical complex under construction as well as the bridge that will link it to the capital. Some US$ 12 billion in investments are expected in the future.

      • Advice also applicable to the Vatican?

        US’s Tillerson warns African nations not to ‘forfeit their sovereignty’ by taking Chinese loans

        Justina Crabtree
        Published Fri, 9 March 2018

        U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has warned against African nations accepting Chinese cash in agreements which could “forfeit their sovereignty.”

        “We are not in any way attempting to keep Chinese dollars from Africa,” Tillerson said at a press conference in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on Thursday, as reported by Reuters.

        “It is important that African countries carefully consider the terms of those agreements (with China) and not forfeit their sovereignty,” he added.

  2. I believe that all governments have national security interests and spies all over the world. I would be surprised that the CIA does not have operatives payed and paying within the Conclaves and Vatican meetings and administration. Every country’s skeletons would come out if a serious financial investigation would be done. China is the least of our worries. All this feminist and gay rites and rights movements in the Church has to have been the US’s and Western Europe infiltration of Western Enlightenment and Masonic ideas into the Church to get the Church in line with their democratic ideologies and control the Church to get Catholics to accept the abortion, feminist and gay rites movements

  3. My point, ghebreyesus, was that there exist conditions in which two parties might find a modus vivende practical.
    The PRC came close to losing its grip over 20 years ago. The Politburo lives in dread of an emerging middle class revolt and spends accordingly. I agree China is not America’s most important enemy at the moment but were my speculations to prove accurate, Chinese funding of the New Paradigm in Rome should be of real importance to Catholics worldwide.
    I am sure you’re right about ubiquitous espionage. It has ever been thus.

  4. I spoke in haste, having not read the following analysis prior to agreeing that China is “not” at the moment the greatest worry for the US. The situation may recede, hopefully, but matters ARE growing with intensity because of the Kim Jong Un problem.

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