[Google translation of DIALOGO E MISERICORDIA: LA SANTA SEDE CERCA DI STRANGOLARE IL SITO “INFOVATICANA”; hat-tip to Canon212: “MERCIFUL FRANCISVATICAN CALLS ON SPANISH CATHOLIC WEBSITE TO RENOUNCE ITS DOMAIN TO THEM OR ‘ELSE'”; similar to the recent call by FrankenPope minion Jebbie  Antonio Spadaro to EWTN to get rid of Raymond Arroyo or face ecclesiastical ensure such as a general interdict! – AQ moderator Tom]

His friend and colleague Gabriel Ariza, of the Spanish website “Infovaticana”, wrote to tell us a story that he would have, it should have been incredible; that of the war that the Secretariat of State of the Holy See has set up against the Spanish information site. It also hosts interventions and articles critical of the current situation of the Church, in Spain and in the world, and is consequently viewed with dislike by the current government.

Gabriel writes: “Good morning! The words of the Pope “the truth is the truth and we must not hide it pushed me to tell these facts for which I am very worried for several months. As you know, Infovaticana has reported and celebrated on numerous occasions the words of Pope Francis asking for “a poor Church for the poor”, and fighting clericalism “.

But, Gabriel notes, all this must not yet have penetrated all levels of the Curia. In short: “The Vatican Secretariat of State a few months ago sent Infovaticana the request to renounce our web domain, claiming that it holds exclusive property rights over the name of the physical center of the Catholic world. Imagine the reaction of the public if the mayor of New York made a similar request to the New York Times, or if the Italian Republic did it to the newspaper La Repubblica “.

Infovaticana, notes Gabriel, “is small and insignificant enough to be surprised to have drawn the attention of a Secretariat of State that should have enough to do to govern the Church”.

According to Gabriel, the problem is that the Spanish Episcopal Conference does not like what we say; “So its president, Cardinal Blázquez, presents a complaint against us at the Apostolic Nunciature, after some bishops went to cry because this portal is not limited, as others do, to talk about sparrows and flowers and to say how everything is nice, but informs on what really happens, including when the interested parties would prefer that you do not know “.

The thing that perhaps most impressed the Spanish colleagues is that the Secretariat of State, “thinking perhaps of making a poor Church and for the poor”, does not address a modest legal office, or an office specializing in Church matters, but to the most powerful legal office in the world, the multinational giant Baker & McKenzie that last August asked Infovaticana to transfer its domain ( www.infovaticana.com ) within a week to the Vatican Secretariat of State, threatening a trial very expensive in case of default.

Infovaticana did not give in to such an astonishing request, and relied on a group of lawyers who told Baker & McKenzie that Infovaticana was willing to compromise and proposed a negotiation; in addition to eliminating from the logo any sign that may cause the slightest misunderstanding about the private and independent nature of that means of communication. But the law firm has announced that “his client” (The Secretariat of State) does not want to know anything about this, “that they want to go all the way and that they tell us to stop using the title and the domain. In other words: that we must close “.

The negotiations were interrupted last December, given the impossibility of reaching an agreement. The answer was: “The needs of the Vatican, defended by Baker & McKenze, are not negotiable and InfoVaticana must disappear”.

And here we are pleased to know that, still somewhere in the Vatican, non-negotiable principles have remained. It was not so obvious …

Currently, an administrative process is under way at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, to which Baker & McKenzie have turned to hinder the protection of the InfoVaticana brand.Meanwhile, the rest of the litigation for possible unfair competition from the Vatican remains standing …

Here the link to the InfoVaticana article .

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