World Net Daily: Pope Francis Is Causing Havoc in the Church.

World Net Daily: Pope Francis Is Causing Havoc in the Church.

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 5, 2018

As the Catholic “mainstream” awakens to the reality of “this disastrous papacy,” even the conservative secular media are beginning to sound the alarm.

Consider this article at World Net Daily by one Barbara Simpson, a former radio talk show host in the San Francisco Bay area. Simpson can see that “if politics today in this country are a mess it’s the same and probably worse for the Catholic Church. What started as a time of hope with the election of Pope Francis has turned into the greatest period of confusion and likely heresy since the Reformation.”

Simpson does not point to the usual conservative complaints about the Pope’s antipathy toward capitalism or his call for open borders. Rather, she points directly at the heart of the crisis of this pontificate: its incredible attack on the Church’s constant teaching on marriage, procreation and sexual morality in general.

Simpson’s diagnosis is spot on:

“Confusion is the name of the game, but it isn’t a game. Pope Francis, who initially exuded a look of caring and friendliness, has turned into a pope who issues opinion[s] that contradict established Catholic teaching, while at the same time denying he’s doing that. Well, sort of. Much of the confusion stems from his statements in his document entitled, ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ which has been described by many, including clergy, as a ticking time bomb for Catholic morality. In it, the pope states that some Catholics, living in circumstances that heretofore had been considered sinful, may in fact be acting in conformity with God’s law, at least how Francis interprets it….”

Simpson hits the bull’s eye with her recognition of the utter arbitrariness that Amoris Laetitia (AL) introduces into assessments of the morality of behavior the Church has always condemned as violative of the Sixth Commandment. Just who would be entitled to “exceptions” to strict application of the moral law under AL’s nebulous notion of “discernment” of “complex circumstances” — meaning, in essence, situation ethics? Writes Simpson:

“Is it OK for divorced Catholics to remarry and still receive Holy Communion? Centuries of teaching and tradition say no, but according to this pope, it’s ‘maybe.’

“What about the issue of artificial contraception? It has long been a decided fact that it is not licit for Catholic couples to practice it – it’s simply immoral and wrong.

“But today? Apparently, there’s a movement within Francis’ church that says there are times when it is OK. When? Who decides? It’s hard to say because there are cardinals and bishops across the Catholic world who agree and disagree, and the pope allows this confusion to continue….

“Keep in mind, there are still the Ten Commandments, which outline the areas of sin that Catholics need to be aware of and avoid – murder, lying, theft, betrayal and more. Which ones can Pope Francis allow Catholics to ignore and still gain entry into heaven?

“How does one explain to Catholics that it is OK to ignore “some” of the rules and yet follow others – and, in fact, which ones?

“If an act had been deemed to be immoral for members of the church in good standing over the centuries, what does it mean that there is a pope now, who declared he is the judge of what is OK now and to forget about the past?”

How is it that certain “conservative” Catholic commentators still fail or refuse to see what is obvious to Simpson?

Simpson even picks up on the clear signals Francis is emitting concerning priestly celibacy: “Then there’s the issue of married priests. For centuries, a no-no. Now, however, under Francis, maybe – and likely.”

Simpson further notes that, as to the four cardinals who presented Pope Francis with their famous dubia concerning AL, Francis “has effectively ignored them. NO response at all.” Nor has the Pope responded to pleas from the Catholic philosopher Josef Seifert who, as Simpson correctly summarizes, warns that “the logical consequence of the pope’s position will be the destruction of the entire moral teaching of the Church.”

“Pity the Catholics,” Simpson concludes. “They’re torn between trying to do the ‘right thing’ and following the leader of their church, who is changing the rules for whatever goals he has in mind. As they say, ‘old hairy legs’ – Satan – must be rejoicing!”

A remarkable assessment from a secular news source of the “diabolical disorientation” that now afflicts the Catholic Church, just as Sister Lucy foretold. What Simpson does not observe, however, is the inevitability of a reversal of this disaster in keeping with Christ’s promise of the indefectibility of the Church and Our Lady’s own promise respecting the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart — under the leadership of the holy and courageous Pope who, when all seems lost, will finally do what She requested.

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2 comments on “World Net Daily: Pope Francis Is Causing Havoc in the Church.

  1. Crazy Old Passive-aggressive Peasant Man from Argentina Is Causing Havoc in the Church: neo-Catholic Modernists Divided over Cause of Crisis in the Church
    Holly Beth McQuackly
    National Catholic Extorter
    March 7, 2018

    Rome, Italy – A panel of neo-Catholic theologians, journalists, and assorted experts on religion
    is meeting at the Gregorian University in Rome to discuss and explore what may be causing a crisis in the Catholic Church. Various theories were put forth at the conference, including clerical celibacy, the lack of female priests and bishops, and the Church’s opposition to artificial birth control.

    During the question and answer period, Father Guido Sarducci, a professor of moral theology at the Gregorian University, asked whether electing “a crazy passive-aggressive old peasant man from Argentina as pope may have something to do with the contemporary crisis in the Church.”
    This story is still developing.

  2. Many AQ veterans will recall their earliest reactions when the latest entrant to lead the Revolution to totally undo all civilization padded out onto the balcony.
    For me, it was lights out when he opened up with “Good evening.”
    Anyway, he’s been insufferably obvious all along even if it takes secular writers half a decade to see it. At least they see it.

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