FrankenPope: never take advantage of good activities for illicit interests

The Pope at the Angelus: do not fall into the temptation to search personal profit, often illegal, in beautiful initiatives, “How ugly when the Church slips on this attitude”

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GOOD ACTIVITIES FOR ILLICIT INTERESTS!”; to which I (AQ moderator Tom) add: “People who live in glass-houses shouldn’t throw stones”!]

Pubblicato il 04/03/2018

At today’s Angelus celebrated in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope warns against the very “common” temptation “to cultivate private interests if not even illicit, interests in beautiful and much-needed initiatives”.


From the window of the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the Pontiff, in front of 20,000 faithful reflects on the teaching of Jesus when He chased the merchants out of the temple, and said “Do not make my Father’s house a market”. The Bishop of Rome points out that this message is “always relevant, not only for ecclesial communities but also for individuals, civil communities and societies”.


In fact, he noted, it is common practice to fall into – the temptation to take advantage of good and even necessary activities to cultivate private, if not even illicit, interests”.


And this is a grave danger, especially when God Himself and the worship due to him, or service to man – who was created in His image – are exploited. That is why that time Jesus used “strong manners” to shake us from this mortal danger.


This “decisive action, carried out close to Easter – Jorge Mario Bergoglio further comments on the expulsion of vendors from the temple of Jerusalem – aroused great impression in the crowd along with the hostility of religious authorities and those who felt threatened in their economic interests”. The Pope then asked, “How should we interpret it? It was certainly not a violent act, as it did not even provoke the intervention of the guards. It was understood as an action typical of the prophets, who often denounced abuses and excesses in the name of God “.


Then the Pope explains, “It is the zeal for the Father and for His house that will take Jesus to the cross: his zeal is the zeal of love that leads to self-sacrifice, not the false one that presumes to serve God through violence. In fact, the “sign” that Jesus will give as proof of his authority, will be his death and resurrection”.


The attitude of the Son of God recounted in today’s Gospel page invites us to “not live our lives in search of personal profit, but for the glory of God, which is love. We are called – he emphasizes – to keep in mind Jesus’ powerful words: “Do not make my Father’s house a marketplace”.


Pope Bergoglio then adds without reading the written text, “It is very ugly when the Church slips on this attitude of making God’s house a market”.


Christ’s words “Do not make the house of my Father a market” help to repel the “danger of making our soul, which is the dwelling place of God, a marketplace, and not to live in the constant search for profit but rather in generous and supportive love” Francis concludes.

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