Pope Francis: The Movie (Catholics To Boycott)

Pope Francis: The Movie (Catholics To Boycott)

Published on Mar 3, 2018

Far-Left film-maker, Wim Wenders, when he’s not ripping Donald Trump or blasting Brexit, is making a movie. A big fan of Pope Francis, the head of the European Film Academy spent the last two years collaborating with the Vatican to make a movie all about Pope Francis. Sharing the George Soros vision of a world without borders, Wenders was also chosen by the Vatican to participate in the official kick-off of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. After that, he decided to make a movie—not a documentary!–about Francis, his words and his revolution. Question: Why do so many hippies and lefties adore Pope Francis? Down in the Catacombs, Michael Matt gets the boycott underway. Plus, what’s going on “Catholic” Ireland and does the Vatican even care?

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One comment on “Pope Francis: The Movie (Catholics To Boycott)

  1. The prequel: Bergogliobiscopo = Bergoglio the Bishop


    Stephen Colbert: “They [The St. Gallen mafia] are building a FrankenPope!”

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