Neocon George Weigel, German Bishops Not Catholic Anymore

Neocon George Weigel, German Bishops Not Catholic Anymore

[Gorgeous George “sees the light” again: First the “New Paradigm”, then China, now Germany: When will he see it concerning FrankenPope? – AQ moderator Tom] – 3/2/18

The Vatican should stop relating to dying European local churches as if they weren’t dying, George Weigel said.

Writing on (February 28), the biographer of John Paul II, calls for instance Germany a “mission territory” suggesting that the German Church should be put under ecclesiastical trusteeship and the failing German bishops should be replaced by more competent candidates from around the world.

He reminds that senior German churchmen have made it clear that they believe something different from what is contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Weigel is a friend of the gay-obsessed Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna who leads another dying archdiocese. In April 2017, Weigel visited Austria and even lectured at a conference opened by Schönborn.

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