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NO HELL BELOW US? (Staying Catholic Despite Pope Francis)

The Psalmist says, “The fool said in his heart: There is no God above.” If so, then there is no Hell below. If not, then the fool is still a fool, and there is still a Hell.

Friday, March 30, 2018

NO HELL BELOW US? (Staying Catholic Despite Pope Francis)

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dfdDown in the catacombs, Michael Matt comments on Pope Francis’s latest heretical bombshell whereby he reportedly told his good friend, atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari, that there is no hell. Vatican damage control notwithstanding, millions around the world now believe the Roman Pontiff rejects an infallibly defined dogma of the Catholic Church on the existence of Hell. As this was reported on Holy Thursday many are listening for the cock to crow. So now what? Using Mary Magdalene as model, Michael lays out a plan for what we might do to keep the old Faith despite Pope Francis and the Modernist revolution in the Catholic Church. read more

“No Fire in Hell” – London Cardinal Ignores the Gospel

Is there an epidemic of hoof-in-mouth disease among NuChurch prelates and the Pope concerning Hell? 26  Chat Follow

“No Fire in Hell” – London Cardinal Ignores the Gospel

Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols told the BBC (March 30) that fire and brimstone have “never been part of Catholic teaching” on hell claiming that this originates only from iconography.

Nichols went on putting Lenin, Hitler or Churchill, the butcher of Dresden, among the saints by suggested that hell could be empty although Christ says in Mt 26:24 that Judas is in hell.

Nichols does not know that Christ calls hell a “furnace of fire” (Mt 13:50) where “the fire is not quenched” (Mk 9:48). read more

Pope Francis admits that Hell exists

Friday, 30 March 2018

Pope Francis admits that Hell exists

We have been lucky enough to be granted an interview with Pope Francis (yes, thatPope Francis). In fact we never actually met him, or spoke to him, but this is not considered necessary these days, and we have decided to make the whole thing up. Take it away, Francis!”Yes, I know I allowed Scalfari to interview me – a 93-year-old lunatic who switches off his hearing aid when he interviews, doesn’t take notes, and makes up his own account of what happened. And I know I’ve been fooled by him 489 times before. But we were told to forgive people 70 times 7 times, and this is the last,” explained the Holy Father. read more

Feast of the Annunciation Novena. March 31-April 8

I greet thee, ever-blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Throne of Grace, miracle of Almighty Power!
I greet thee, sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity and Queen of the Universe, Mother of Mercy and Refuge of sinners.

Most loving Mother, attracted by thy beauty and sweetness, and by thy tender compassion, I confidently turn to thee,
miserable as I am, and beg of thee to obtain from thy Dear Son the favor I request in this novena:

Mention you request here

Obtain for me also, O Queen of Heaven, the most lively contrition for my many sins
and the grace to imitate closely those virtues which thou practiced so faithfully,
especially humility, purity and obedience.
Above all, I beg thee to be my Mother and Protectress, to receive me into the number of thy devoted children,
and to guide me from thy high throne of glory. read more

Easter poem (Awesome)

by Sister Mary Ada

The ancient greyness shifted
Suddenly and thinned
Like mist upon the moors
Before a wind.
An old, old prophet lifted
A shining face and said:
“He will be coming soon.
The Son of God is dead;
He died this afternoon.”

A murmurous excitement stirred
All souls.
They wondered if they dreamed –
Save one old man who seemed
Not even to have heard.

And Moses, standing,
Hushed them all to ask
If any had a welcome song prepared.
If not, would David take the task?
And if they cared
Could not the three young children sing
The Benedicite, the canticle of praise
They made when God kept them from perishing
In the fiery blaze? read more


Some time ago I posted an article asking the question: Is there One Bishop? ( On this day when Our Lord suffered and died on the cross for our sins, I am compelled to ask the question again. Indeed, I might direct the question to the person we know as the Bishop of Rome himself. Now I’m not going to get into all the theological whys and wherefores – for that has already been done in spades. We know it as the Ottaviani Intervention. But the matter was brought home to me by a sermon I heard yesterday from a holy priest who has for 45 years from his ordination celebrated only the True Mass as contained in the 1962 Missal. This priest was even told by a bishop that he could be given power and authority in the church if only he would celebrate the novus ordo and he could even celebrate the True Mass privately in his quarters. He, of course, refused and was “shown the door” and called a bad priest to his face by this duplicitous, conspiring bishop. (This priest has operated independently all these years because he will not accept the inducements presented to him that are designed to have him give up his loyalty to the True Mass and to the traditional precepts and doctrine of Holy Mother Church). How about it, bishops – where do you stand today? read more

Pro-sodomite priest at L.A. Archdiocese’s religious education event says Catholic Church invented sin

Lisa Bourne

Pro-sodomite priest at L.A. Archdiocese’s religious education event says Catholic Church invented sin

[Another heretic at the LA REC!] 

Archdiocese Of Los Angeles , Arthur Fitzmaurice , Bryan Massingale , Catholic , James Martin , Jose Gomez , Religious Education Conference

LOS ANGELES, California, March 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ recent large-scale religious education gathering (LA REC) continued to feature in this year’s event a number of outspoken dissident Catholic leaders who championed the LGBT agenda.

One pro-LGBT priest dismantled centuries of Church teaching on sin, claiming sin is a development of the Council of Trent. read more

Confusion—now about hell—is the hallmark of this pontificate

Confusion—now about hell—is the hallmark of this pontificate

By Phil Lawler (bio – articles – email) | Mar 29, 2018

Okay, Pope Francis probably did not say: “There is no hell.” But that’s the headline story for today—for Holy Thursday. And while maybe the interviewer is responsible for an inaccurate quotation, the Pope himself is responsible for the ensuing confusion.

The Vatican, naturally, has rushed out another “clarification.” Notice, however, that the Vatican statement does not actually deny that Pope Francis uttered those words. Because the truth is that nobody actually knows exactly what he said. read more

Hell ‘does not’ exist…sinful souls ‘disappear,’ FrankenPope allegedly tells favorite interviewer

Diane Montagna

Hell ‘does not’ exist…sinful souls ‘disappear,’ FrankenPope allegedly tells favorite interviewer

An appropriate tune for the occasion:

To appropriate from the above:

We know there is a heaven; we know there is a hell.

Imagine there’s no FrankenPope, then things could again get well!

VATICAN, March 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In another media nightmare for the Vatican, Pope Francis has again met with Eugenio Scalfari, a 93-year-old atheist philosopher known for quoting the Pope without recording the conversation, leading to a new controversial ‘interview’ the Vatican insists is not “faithful” to the Holy Father’s words. read more

KrautChurch Bishops’ Website Bashes Pope Benedict: “Return of the Panzer Cardinal”

Dorothy Cummings McLean

KrautChurch Bishops’ Website Bashes Pope Benedict: “Return of the Panzer Cardinal”

German Bishops , Pope Benedict Xvi

BERLIN, March 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The official website of the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference published an article highly critical of the Pope Emeritus last week, entitled “The Return of the Panzer Cardinal.”

Responding to the disclosure of a private letter Pope Benedict, 90, wrote to the then-Vatican Communications chief Monsignor Dario Viganò, Joachim Frank attacked Benedict for his less-than-fulsome opinion of a theological opponent. read more

Vatican Lettergate 2.0: Vatican retracts claim it had permission to publish Benedict’s letter

Maike Hickson

Vatican Lettergate 2.0: Vatican retracts claim it had permission to publish Benedict’s letter

March 29, 2018 (One Peter Five) – As we reported on 23 March, Father Bernd Hagenkord, S.J., the high-ranking managing editor of the official Vatican news service, Vatican News – which had been supervised by Monsignor Dario Viganò until the “Lettergate” scandal – claimed in a comment under his own blog post concerning the Viganò scandal that the “partial publication” of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s letter was “agreed upon” with Benedict himself. In that post, he tried to downplay the whole Lettergate scandal, claiming that no one had been really hurt in this minor incident, with Monsignor Viganó just making a “mistake.” Later on, the German bishops’ news website picked up on his claim about Benedict’s purported approval and reported on it. read more

Semi-Official Vatican Outlet Accuses Vatican News Chief of Manipulation

Semi-Official Vatican Outlet Accuses Vatican News Chief of Manipulation

[Matthew 12: 25 And Jesus … said to them [the Pharisees]: Every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate: and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself: how then shall his kingdom stand? – AQ moderator Tom] – 3/29/18
The semi-official Vatican outlet Il Sismografo (March 28) pointed out that the editor in chief of Vatican News, German Jesuit Father Bernd Hagenkord, manipulated his “Facebook postings”.

In reality, Hagenkord manipulated a March 22 comment which he wrote among other user comments on his personal blog

Hagenkord stated that the partial publication of Benedict XVI’s private letter to the now removed prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, Monsignor Dario Viganò, was agreed on.

Some days later, Hagenkord quietly deleted the phrase which means that it must have been wrong.

Hagenkord needs to clarify this matter as it was widely reported in the whole world. read more

Priest Performs A Palm Sunday Dance

Priest Performs A Palm Sunday Dance

[Unlike Jesus who rode on an ass, the priest was making one of himself! – AQ moderator Tom] – 3/29/18
The Italian Journalist Marco Tosatti published on March 27 a video of a Brazilian priest dancing on Palm Sunday during Mass.

Tosatti received the video from a friend and does not indicate the place where the show took place.

During Palm Sunday Mass the Gospel account of the Passion of Christ is read.