Cardinal Sarah, There Is A Betrayal Of Prelates

Cardinal Sarah, There Is A Betrayal Of Prelates – 2/28/18

High-ranking prelates from rich nations are trying to alter Christian morality with regard to abortion, euthanasia and divorce – Cardinal Robert Sarah said during a presentation of is book “God or Nothing” in Brussels, Belgium.

According to (February 27) the ultraliberal Brussels Cardinal De Kesel and Uganda born Nuncio Augustine Kasujja were present.

Sarah explained that the change became manifest when certain prelates began to accept abortion and euthanasia, “When Catholics abandon Christ’s teaching and the Church’s Magisterium, they contribute to the destruction of the natural institution of marriage”. Accordingly the entire human community finds itself “fractured by this betrayal on the part of the clerics.”

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One comment on “Cardinal Sarah, There Is A Betrayal Of Prelates

  1. Yes, His Eminence is a conciliarist and no, there are no prelates who are not. However, as the Revolution has already made the jump to warp speed chances are Cd. Sarah may soon be in his land speeder, heading for the Alps, with a strange, new respect for the one and only priestly society left on the planet that actually was on record in the 70s, preaching what he is now beginning to discern on his own.
    The moment he looks out at a book signing audience and finally realizes, “These are not the droids I’m looking for, ” – bingo!

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