Vatican diplomat praises draft of global migration compact, offers suggestions for improvement 

Catholic World News – 2/23/18
[A “suggestion”!?  It should be a non-negotiable – AQ moderator Tom]
Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Permanent Observer of the Holy See at the United Nations, offered a few suggestions for improving the draft of the international migration treaty. The prelate noted “the absence of any reference to the spiritual dimension of migrants and to their fundamental right to religious freedom.”
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3 comments on “Vatican diplomat praises draft of global migration compact, offers suggestions for improvement 

  1. The fundamental “right” to Religious Liberty should not exist for Muslims, Protestants, Talmudists, and other false faiths. The only “right” should be to know, love, and serve Christ the King in His only True Catholic Church. That is the mistake.

  2. Japan is 98% pagan. But it has a zero Muslim policy. ZERO. Ragheads have no rights and may only visit for short stays, if permitted to set foot on Jap soil.Period.
    That would solve the West’s problem but it would take an all-out effort by Church leaders to convert prots since they ARE the majority in America. And that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. To the Protestants we owe only Tolerance, not Respect or Dignity.
    But they can be equally dangerous by their teachings. Some oppose abortion, while accept divorce. Others accept divorce, but reject gay rights. Others accept gay rights but oppose abortion. Some teach Christ is an angel or prophet. Protestants always play shell games. In the end, historians estimate that more Catholics were killed in history by Protestants than by Muslims. Protestants nations such as UK historically allied themselves with Muslims. WITH Turks against the Russians Poles and Austrians; WITH Morroccans against Spain. The US WITH uslim Albanians and Bosnian muslims against Serbian and Greek interests. Protestants are Muslims dressed in suits.
    You are right: Muslims are Protestants dressed as ragheads.

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