Cardinal: Opposing Mass Immigration Is “the Greatest Sin”

Cardinal: Opposing Mass Immigration Is “the Greatest Sin”

[Greater than the four traditional sins “crying to Heaven for vengeance”(viz., willful murder, the sin of Sodom, oppression of the poor, and defrauding laborers of their wages) ? – AQ moderator Tom] – 2/24/18

Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, 71, of Agrigento, Sicily, believes that concern for “immigrants” – a euphemism for mass immigration – has become “a matter of faith”.

Montenegro told (February 22) that failing to accept mass immigration “is the greatest sin I could commit.” This way, Montenegro implicitly canonised the irresponsible immigration policy of the present leftwing Italian government which is made up by former Communists. Over 80% of the practicing Catholics oppose it.

There was no reason to make Montenegro a cardinal (2015), had he not been a crony of Pope Francis. Cruxnow considers Montenegro “one of the pontiff’s closest allies in the Italian episcopacy”.

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