Heretical Kraut Bishops Introduce Communion For Prots

Heretical Kraut Bishops Introduce Communion For Prots

[“Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet …” (Matthew 7:6) – AQ moderator Tom] – 2/22/18

The bishops of the [formerly] Catholic Church in Germany sink deeper and deeper into the mud of heresy and disbelief.

During their meeting in Ingolstadt, which ended today, they voted by a large majority in favour of sacrilegiously giving Holy Communion to Protestants who are married to a Catholic spouse. For the Church, this decision is utterly void and null, because the bishops have no right to make it.

According to (February 22) the bishops defined “conditions” for sacrilegiously receiving  Communion, for instance, “talking to a priest” and “deciding in one’s conscience” that one affirms the Catholic faith. But who affirms the Faith must in conscience convert to the Church.

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