BRAZIL: Did these bishops allow women to concelebrate Mass?

BRAZIL: Did these bishops allow women to concelebrate Mass?

[Was the “traditional” Bishop Fernando Arêas Rifan, Apostolic Administrator of the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney with its Apostolic Administrative Offices in Campos, there.? He usually attends such meetings of the Brazilian Catholic bishops (some of which have had similar strange happenings), vested as a concelebrant (rather than in choir dress which would signify that he is attending rather than concelebrating because of the prohibition of such in the traditional Latin liturgy except at the ordination Mass of a new priest or priests), although His Excellency says that he does “not inhale” at such events! – AQ moderator Tom] 

A reader alerted me to this from about bishops in Brazil who allow two women to concelebrate Mass with them.  It is in Portuguese.  Not my translation:

Two women “concelebrated” the Mass with bishops of the CNBB. Is this already possible or is it still a very serious crime?
By, February 21, 2018: It was on February 13, 2018 that 41th Earth Pilgrimage took place in the city of Mampituba, Diocese of Osório, in Rio Grande do Sul.

As if the preaching of Mrs. Maria do Rosário (PT-RS) and Monge Marcelo Barros, both known for their unorthodox positions, the bishops present admitted at the altar two Protestant ministers as “concelebrants” in the Holy Mass.

In the video, from the minute 50’20 ”, the Consecration of the Mass is clearly heard and one sees the two women, wearing robes and stole, extending their hands and taking part in the “concelebrative” act.

That doesn’t look very good.

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One comment on “BRAZIL: Did these bishops allow women to concelebrate Mass?

  1. Re: BRAZIL – Did these bishops allow women to concelebrate Mass?
    Was the “traditional” Bishop Fernando Arêas Rifan there?
    Not according to Vox Cantoris’ report of the incident, which lists the concelebrating bishops as:
    D. Jaime Kohl (Bishop of Osório)
    D. Jacinto Bergmann (Archbishop of Pelotas)
    D. Carlos Romulo (Bishop of Monte Negro)
    D. Alessandro Ruffinoni (bishop of Caxias do Sul)
    D. Adilson Busin (auxiliary bishop of Porto Alegre)
    D. Aparecido Donizeti de Souza (auxiliary bishop of Porto Alegre)
    José Mario Stroeher (bishop emeritus of Rio Grande)

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