China expert fears accord would establish ‘national Church’ 

[It already exists in the form of the ChiCom puppet “Patriotic Church”! – AQ moderator Tom]
Catholic World News – 2/10/18
An expert on Catholic missionary work has voiced his fear that an agreement between the Vatican and China could produce a state-controlled Church. Father Bernardo Cervellera, the director of the AsiaNews service, told Crux that the rumored agreement— under which the government would choose bishops, with the Holy See exercising a partial veto— would be a step backward, toward times when government leaders controlled Church decisions. Father Cervellera remarks that the Vatican may be anxious to reach an accord, because of concerns that the government might otherwise appoint dozens of new illicit bishops, and crack down more severely on the “underground” Church.
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2 comments on “China expert fears accord would establish ‘national Church’ 

  1. Tom, I think I’ll hold off on subscribing to either Crux or CWN for awhile. Although I might need to take Psychology Today to figure out how poor ol’ Fr. Cervellera ever became a news director. His talents obviously are better suited for a stint in either the US State Dept. or as a kiddy TV show MC in Lapland.

    Poor fella, obviously a victim of Novus Orditis Syndrome with complications related to Bergoglian Bafflegabitis – Severe. No known cure for either.

  2. I don’t subscribe to either, and no one need subscribe to either to access the complete content of a posting (as the Wall Street Journal does), because neither require such subscriptions, although Catholic World News will accept them. Crux get its money from the KofC, but Catholic World News (through its no. 1 man, Dr. Jeff) has to beg for it: “Alms for the poor at CWN”.
    As I previously mentioned: For some reason or other Crux does not allow me to go directly to its postings; thus, I have to go indirectly through the cache (if any) of a specific posting, which discourages me from reading it – no big loss.

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