SodoMonsignor Amenta on his role at the Roman Rota

[SodoMonsignor Amenta on his role at the Roman Rota]

[“It takes one to know one” – AQ moderator Tom]

From VATICAN JUDGE SENTENCED [for 14 months prison but suspended!?] FOR CHILD PORN

by Juliana Freitag • • February 19, 2018

Amenta’s main task within the Roman Rota was to handle cases of marriage nullity. In a 2013 interview, when asked about the increase in divorce rates, Amenta commented, “The number of divorces continues to rise for so many reasons: psychological fragility of the new generations, the concept of love inspired by skin-deep feelings, corrupted by the ruling pansexuality [emphasis added] … .”

Amenta is likely aware of the fact that homosexuality has increasingly been presented as grounds for annulment. Italian newspaper Libero touched on the subject when reporting on Msgr. Amenta’s sentence: “This time, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that [the scandal] includes the Roman Rota, where there’s recently been a boom of nullity requests due to the spouse’s homosexuality.”

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