Vatican Dirty Deal Will Be Cut By April

Vatican Dirty Deal Will Be Cut By April – 2/18/18

Pope Francis’ Vatican is ready to hand over the nomination of Chinese Bishops to the local Regime. The deal will be cut anytime after the end of March, the Corriere della Sera (February 17) writes.

The essence of the deal is a betrayel of the undergound Catholic Church in favour of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association that was set up in 1957 to contrast the Church. The deal will further damage Francis’ and the Vatican’s reputation in China and worldwide.

Francis intends also to betray Taiwan in favour of diplomatic ties with Beijing. Recently, Taiwan sent a delegation to Rome, but Francis hid behind close doors while the group was received by Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

The China deal contradicts the Second Vatican Council. It wanted that “no more rights or privileges of election, nomination, presentation, or designation for the office of bishop be granted to civil authorities” (Christus Dominus 20).

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One comment on “Vatican Dirty Deal Will Be Cut By April

  1. If God, the Blessed Virgin and two serviceable and decent, and frequently very pious popes named Pius went to the trouble, respectively, of working miracles and repeatedly appearing to two (incorruptible) Saints and their cousin (one very steadfast and deeply pious Carmelite nun) in Portugal and the two properly pious popes subsequently condemned outright the diabolical evil of Communism, then even a chem lab assistant from Buenos Aires oughta know he’s defying God Himself as well as
    human decency by inflicting this evil “arrangement” upon Chinese Catholics.
    He oughta. He’s not intellectually impaired and he has at his fingertips one of the world’s most massive research and intelligence-gathering organizations.
    However, it’s a safe bet he is keenly aware that 95%+ of his customer base is indifferent, living in sin and has fully surrendered to the Revolution – for nearly 56 years in a row – of which he is its current El Commandante.
    Ignorance kills indiscriminately and, as sure as Hell is eternal, that is exactly what the Red Chinese cannibals will see to now that an individual who should have been leading the charge to rid China of its dictatorship has, instead, become their BFF.
    If true that V2 is a chastisement for papal failures to consecrate Russia – as asked –
    and the West’s surrender to full blown hedonism since WW I, underground Chinese Catholics will not be the only martyrs.

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