Bishops to hear voices of youth at pre-Synod meeting

Bishops to hear voices of youth at pre-Synod meeting

[Will it include youth from groups such as the French bishops-funded Catholic Rural Youth Movement (MRJC)? The bishops chose one of the group’s members as one of three French youth representatives at the pre-Synod meeting. The group issued a statement condemning the 2018 Paris March for Life for “its message of guilt, as well as the intolerance and hate this march carries, under the disguise of Christian values. We do not want to impose a way of thinking the faith that we want to live out in openness and dialogue to help each other grow” and also saying, “We defend the fundamental right of women and couples to resort to abortion. This right ensures the liberty of conscience. Abortion is a personal initiative that is sometimes complex and difficult, not least because of burdensome and guilt-creating administrative and medical procedures”! – AQ moderator Tom]

Catholic World News – 2/16/18

At a February 16 news conference in Rome, organizers of the 2018 Synod of Bishops, which will focus on young people, outlined plans for a special pre-Synod meeting in March, at which young people will be asked for their ideas. Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the secretary-general of the Synod, emphasized that the event is designed for “listening” to young people, especially to those in difficult circumstances.

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