Liberal “Catholic” Magazine, Were All Recent Popes Really Saints?

Liberal [“Catholic”] Magazine, Were All Recent Popes Really Saints? – 2/15/18


Pro-Francis journalist Mollie Wilson O’Reilly asks the pope to “stop making every pope a saint” saying that it is “a pretty big coincidence for all of the popes since Pius XII — ahem, Venerable Pius XII — to have been men of uncommon heroic virtue”.

Writing in the liberal Catholic magazine Commonweal (February 8) she adds, “If the modern Church really has managed to elect an unbroken string of papal saints in the past century, well, that’s impressive, but considering that the pope is the one who gets to make that call, it’s also a bit…suspect.”

In 2014, Pope Francis canonized John XIII († 1963) and John Paul II († 2005). Paul VI († 1978) is on the docket to be canonized 2018 and Pope John Paul I († 1978) was recognized “Venerable” last November.

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6 comments on “Liberal “Catholic” Magazine, Were All Recent Popes Really Saints?

  1. [Mundabor’s reply]
    Mao-Tse-Francis: The Culprits Revealed!
    FEB 14 ’18
    Don’t worry. Everything will be fine!
    As the world looks in astonishment at a Communist Pope (and this is not a joke or hyperbole: Francis truly is one who sides with Communists against the Church) I can, today, reveal the results of my several years long investigation into the root causes of, well, a Communist Pope. The culprits will be exposed, and humanity will not have to wonder anymore how this could happen.
    The results are as follows:
    1. Pope John XXIII.
    Opened the Pandora’s Box of “change”. Deluded in his senile confidence that the Church’s dominance was so strong that nothing could touch it. Far too desirous to be liked. Too weak to make himself heard. Took out of the exile heretical theologians. The useful idiot of the subversives.
    2. Pope Paul VI
    Astonishing, almost schizophrenic mixture of moments of sanity and impotent watching as the Church demolition took a much faster pace. Whino extraordinaire with no balls worth the mention after Humanae Vitae. Countless atrocious episcopal appointments. Allowed the religious sisters to morph into aggressive lesbian communes. Thin-skinned (no encyclicals after HV). Allowed the Durch Schism, the Dutch Catechism and many atrocities more. Apart from HV, useless to pretty much everyone but Satan.
    (2.5. Pope John Paul I. Declared Innocent for lack of inculpatory evidence as Pope).
    [Nonetheless, there is a movement underway to canonize JP1 – AQ moderator Tom]
    3. Pope John Paul II
    PR-enamoured Pontiff very mindful of keeping an appearance of orthodoxy whilst allowing all sort of subversion to go on for more than a quarter of a century. Vaguely heathenish Earth-kisser for the joy of the cameras. Koran-kisser to boot. Had himself publicly criticised by Feminazi “sisters”, did nothing against them. Crushed South American heretics, allowed all the others to thrive. Countless atrocious episcopal a d cardinalatian appointments. Made of the Church a circus.
    4. Pope Benedict XVI
    Only German Pastor in history to ever flee before the wolves. Does one thing right (Summorum Pontificum), ruins all the rest: horrendous appointments, spied by his own butler, changes his mind on the SSPX at the last second. Resigns because… too weak to fly to “world youth something”. Insists in remaining Pope so no one calls him a Celestine, creates even more confusion. Praises Francis to the sky. Drinks beer at 90, wants world to know. Announces his impending salvation to the adoring crowd.
    * * *

  2. If it were not for the fact that our eternal salvation was at stake, and it is, it would be easy to write off these clowns as simply buffoons in the hands of Satan but it is far too serious a matter to contemplate. My belief is individual Catholics must make a choice and find a priest who truly believes what the Church has always and everywhere believed, who celebrates the One, True Mass without apology, and who decries any sort of human adulation. There are, thank God, priests out there who fit the bill.

  3. “Tom”- Don’t forget JP 2 also legalized and made popular altar dykes and their altar girl sidekicks. It was the first time “liturgical audiences” were able to thrill to tantilizing half-exposed girl’s posteriors, during the high point of Consecration, during the summer peak of short-short fashion craze in the early 80s.

  4. Interesting to read in the Cath. Encyclopedia article on beatifications and canonizations that all proceedings, especially involving alleged miracles!, MUST be thoroughly challenged by the Promoter of the Faith (Devil’s Advocate) UNDER PAIN OF NULLITY.
    if memory serves, JPII put the kibosh on that ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY, VITAL office. Convenient, eh?

  5. Q. Were All


    Recent Popes Really Saints?
    A. No.

  6. One might be tempted to think that the Revolutionaries were acting politically instead of theologically; that both Canon Law and Tradition meant doodah, zilch, nada to them. (But that might seem too cynical to argue, of course. ☺)
    All that canonization means is that the Church recognizes that X is in heaven. It is not a vindication of heroic virtues, per se. Some Saints (martyrs) may not have had time to acquire much in the way of even the most basic virtues, let alone to a degree approaching heroism. Some martyrs may have been executed shortly after choosing Christiamity. Yet, in cases of merely “confessor” candidates heroic virtue is the most basic consideration on which to distinguish and recognize a St. John of the Cross as a model to be avidly imitated, versus Joe Shlabotnik who died repentant only on his death bed.

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